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Defining Biblical Love

Love – a word that gets used a lot, but what does it mean from a biblical perspective?

Jesus said to love God and neighbor are the greatest of all the commandments, all the laws of the prophets hinge on these two things. 172 more words

Book Review: The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross

A few years back I was listening to Dr. Michael Horton interview Dr. Scot McKnight on his podcast/radio show The White Horse Inn. the focus of the interview was Dr. 1,408 more words


Book Review: Open to the Spirit by Scot McKnight

Recently I have the opportunity to teach a four session class at my church on the Holy Spirit. It is both an opportunity that I am grateful for and a burden which I struggle to bear. 1,912 more words


YOUTHFULNESS & Bonhoeffer’s quote examined by Scot McKnight regarding the lure of focusing on the youthful spirit rather than the Holy Spirit.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote in 1930 …

“Since the days of the youth movement the church has been more obsessed with the youthful spirit than the Holy Spirit.”

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Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight - Why Anglican? - 1

More than twice a month I am asked “Why did you become Anglican?” The answer to the question is complex, and I want to answer that question in part by saying up front that I don’t believe in ecclesiastical superiority. 653 more words


Adam and the Blue Parakeet

The second edition of Scot McKnight’s book The Blue Parakeet is now available. The book is one of his best, a book that helps the reader think through the nature of the Bible as inspired and authoritative. 847 more words


John Mark Comer on "Progressive Theology" (video)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that within the American church there is a growing fascination with “progressive theology,” or at least aspects of it. Names like Rachel Held Evans, or more recently Rob Bell, seem to constantly be stirring the waters of evangelicalism; some think this is for the better of the American church, and others think this paves the way for her downfall. 57 more words