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Adam, Evolution, and the Imago Dei

Scot McKnight has a new book coming out at the end of this month, Adam and the Genome, co-authored written with Dennis Venema. Dennis is a biologist – and he handles the genome in this book. 940 more words


Paulcast: Paul and Women: Episode 1

Kurt Willems, founding pastor of Pangea in Seattle, has a podcast exploring the theology of the Apostle Paul, author of 8-13 books in the New Testament (definitely 8, some others are ascribed to him but there are theories of other possible authors) and pillar of of our faith.   750 more words

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 Rethinking Beliefs (Part 1)

One of the unspoken responsibilities of a pastor is to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. This has been in my heart and head as I consider what has been taking place in my soul lately. 1,569 more words


Dr Scot McKnight on Pastor Tim Keller's interview with The New York Times

Another post that appeared this week–well worth a read–is Dr Scot McKnight’s defence of New York pastor Tim Keller:

Tim Keller under the Eye… 356 more words

BRIDGES & Not Walls

by Scot McKnight, Pathos, 11/15/16.

Bridges not walls. I am convinced that, as Christians, we are called to build bridges not walls. This doesn’t mean a wishy-washy lack of conviction, but an approach that sees the others as human beings created in the image of God – often as brothers and sisters. 231 more words