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Paul and the Christian Life (5) Scot McKnight 'ecclesial life'

Scot McKnight’s chapter in The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: ethical and missional implications of the New Perspective is on ‘the Ecclesial Life’. 

Just to reiterate the context of this discussion: the big question of this book is how does Paul the Jew – now a follower of Jesus the Messiah – envision a life pleasing to God? 1,216 more words


Good Friday and Antonement

At some point in my studies I took one of my bibles and wrote the corresponding scripture passages in each Gospel to each day of Holy Week. 622 more words

Christ's sacrifice on the cross is both "pleasing" and "necessary"

Jason Micheli, a United Methodist pastor and blogger with whom I’ve disagreed vigorously over the years on a number of issues, guest-blogged over at Scot McKnight’s blog today… 472 more words

The Process

If you’re like me, your reading habits probably change with the seasons of your life. For a while I was tearing through books like it was my job, but lately I’ve been slowly plodding my way through them. 815 more words

Book Review

Fasting during Lent

The one thing everyone seems to know about Lent is that it’s fasting time. Every Catholic person I know gives up something, Muslim friends ask if it’s like a Christian version of Ramadan,  Coles and Woolworths put tins of tuna on sale. 394 more words

the point

From Praying with the Church by Scot McKnight. p. 5

There was a reason my spiritual mentors frowned upon rote-prayers at set times. They knew folks who said fixed-hour prayers and didn’t mean them.

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Christ is the Word of God, and so is the Bible

Here we go again… In November, I voiced agreement with Derek Rishmawy over against those who draw an overly sharp distinction between Christ the Word of God and the Bible as the Word of God. 1,120 more words