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What do We Mean by "Liberal Christianity?"

If you grew up in or are part of a conservative Christian environment you probably have heard people warn against the dangers of theological “liberalism.” Certain churches, denominations, or leaders are informally given the label “liberal” and so viewed with suspicion. 788 more words

Open to Every Which Way the Spirit Blows: a book review

Being open to the Spirit once meant, for me, attending a charismatic church. There the works of the Spirit were front and center—prayers for healing and deliverance, prophetic words, ecstatic utterance. 784 more words


How Hyper-Individualism is Killing the Church

In a series for Scot McKnight’s blog, Todd Dildine examined several factors that have led to the decline of church membership in America.  One of those factors is the hyper-individualism that has overtaken much of our society/culture: 747 more words


KINGDOM & Scot McKnight: The 4 NT basics of the kingdom and when they do (and do not) relate to social work.

by Scot McKnight, “Secularizing Kingdom,” Pathos, 11/15/10.

… Sit down some afternoon — maybe today — and look up all the “kingdom” references in the New Testament and you will see the following major ideas: 337 more words

Social Action

News About My Retirement

As many of you know, I officially retired from Northern Baptist Seminary at the end of June 2017. I taught at Northern Seminary for 28 years. 850 more words


20th Century Theology and Classical Christian Theism

About eighteen months ago, in the summer of 2016, Wayne Grudem and others were put on trial via blog about their views on the Trinity. Grudem holds to ERAS, or Eternal Relations of Authority and Submission, wherein God the Son eternally, functionally (not ontologically) submits to the Father. 932 more words

Systematic Theology