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Lunchtime Review : Beige Food

The Menu.

Ingredients: Lots of brown.

Preparation: Open the box of brown.

Cost: A lot of brown later on.


Seriously…what? 8 cocktail sausages, 4 pork and tomato bites, 4 sausage rolls and 4 mini scotch eggs. 366 more words


Challenged to a Scotch egg cook-off and, we’re not sure who won…or if we’ll ever do this again.

Anyone who knows my sister Fiona knows that she’s a fantastic cook and baker. Quiet as it’s kept, she’s taught me much of what I know about good home cooking and, she’s the person I default to for kitchen hacks. 398 more words


Girl Time

Hello. Happy almost middle of the week. This week is going by super fast which is super great because it’s going to be an extended weekend coming up full of fun, sun, a run, and some adult beverages. 545 more words

The Little Taperia, Tooting

I’ve tooted the horn for Tooting many times because it honestly is a really diverse and great place to find excellent food.

And if there aren’t enough reasons already to avoid homecooking, another one arrived earlier this month. 562 more words



It’s May 10th and for 2015 that’s Mother’s Day.  Today’s whimsy was simple.  I took my wife to an excellent vintage bookshop, then to an early dinner at an amazing Irish tavern.   26 more words

Scotch Eggs

Salt and pepper, to season
4 eggs, plus 1 extra, lightly beaten
400g pork mince
1 tsp ground fennel
1½ tsp English mustard
15g (¼ cup) fresh breadcrumbs… 234 more words

Scotch Eggs.

I never thought I would see the day that I would make a scotch egg by hand! How often do people make scotch eggs at home and actually deep-fry them?! 261 more words