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Behind the Alter in a Church

This list was very kindly contributed by Peter BC.

Now this is beyond the banalities of the regular supermarket trolley.  This list was found in a church! 113 more words


I love hot chocolate

I love hot chocolate. Not too sweet, and by that I don’t mean dark hot chocolate, I don’t like it to taste too strongly of chocolate, either. 494 more words


Taste of Home: Scotch Eggs

I have learned that in the Middle Ages, British farmers and herdsmen made these Scotch eggs as their portable means of having some food in the fields; paired it with bread and something to drink. 264 more words


Baked Scotch Eggs

My mom used to make these for me regularly when I was young, and they bear fond memories of my childhood. Scotch eggs are traditionally very rich and made from boiled eggs covered in sausage meat and coated with bread crumbs, then deep fried. 427 more words


Veggie Scotch Eggs Recipe

These veggie scotch eggs are a recipe I developed for a wedding lunch I catered at work recently. The brief was a picnic lunch which showcased seasonal vegetables. 867 more words

Vegetarian & Vegan

Scotch Eggs

Absolutely Delicious Eggs

By definition (according to The Viand, obviously..LoL), a prefect Scotch Egg is – A lovely runny middle and a golden, crispy outside… 313 more words


English Scotch Eggs and Sausage Rolls

This week’s butchery class was all about chacuterie, which is involves prepared meat products, such as ham, bacon, sausages, terrines etc. I have to say, this was probably, by far, my favorite week  in butchery class. 295 more words