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Heres my panko scotch eggs, a little different to your typical scotch egg, but better I think! They are delicious hot or cold. Perfect for summer picnics or lunch boxes! 774 more words


Easter Eggs: 5 Recipes for Holiday Meals

Forget those chocolate eggs! These are Easter eggs for grown ups. Tiny quail eggs, bacon and eggs, salads topped with eggs, and eggs on eggs – there’s something here for everyone. 267 more words

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Clutch of different eggs for Easter.

Rodney (my builder) brought me four dozen eggs laid by the quails reared by his brother, Terry.  I’ve tried two recipes to get the best out of such a special gift: 172 more words

Scotch egg? You're in luck, now.

The petrol station. Where food goes to die. This is why people think badly of Scotch eggs, although, thankfully there has been a little positive renaissance recently of these picnic staples, and done well, they are delicious. 516 more words


Using BBQ Rubs For Everyday Cooking

One of my culinary discoveries has been the positive effect BBQ rubs can have on enhancing  flavour. A real-deal meal time game changer. I’ve blogged about cooking with rubs in our Big Green Egg, simply because it’s what I normally use. 623 more words


Robbie Burns Day

Every year during the month of January (on the 25th specifically) we celebrate what is known as Robbie Burns Day. For those of you who may not be familiar with who Robert Burns was, let us provide you with a little education: 262 more words

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Rethink Breakfast

Who ever made the capital rule that eggs and oatmeal were mandatory breakfast foods?

Breakfast is the most important meal, AND—the most forgiving!!! You got all day to burn off breakfast calories… Why not make the best out of this chance? 232 more words