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Madeleine - DNA in Portugal

Portugal was allegedly the last country in Europe to establish a national DNA database.

The relevant law was number 5 of 2008, coming into effect on 12 Feb 2008. 411 more words

Monday June 24th, 1985

Scotland Yard count terrorist sqaud uncover bomb plot for 12 coastal towns in summer 9 being questionned in Glasgow and London
Efforts being made to find cause of crash yesterday. 14 more words

1985 News Diary

Madeleine - Luz pie

How does the Luz pie cut up on the telephone data?

There were 3 mobile operators in Luz in May 2007 – Optimus, TMN and Vodaphone. 322 more words

Life’s Masterpiece in making…you only get one Canvas to paint!

Hi There All,

First off, I apologies for not writing for a while, but that only means one thing…that, a lot has been happening in between and there is so much to report, so lets get to it right where we left off from. 551 more words

PR 007


I’d say it was a chance discovery but then I firmly believe you make your own luck and I never pass a skip without even a casual glance. 583 more words


Matthew Oldfield - phone data #1

I have no interest in using the Tapas 9 phone data to analyse their movements. The PJ files have that analysis at http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/PHONE_TEXTS.htm

What I am using the Tapas 9 phone data for is to gain an understanding of how the network functioned in the environs of Luz, and from there to determine if Scotland Yard has the ability to move the investigation forward using the phone traffic that is allegedly in their hands. 1,177 more words

Artefacts from London's most notorious crimes to go on display for first time

Artefacts from some of the most notorious and gruesome crimes in London’s history are to go on display for the first time.

Unexploded bombs planted by Irish nationalists, the death masks of executed prisoners and a series of notes from the Jack the Ripper case are among hundreds of articles usually kept in Scotland Yard’s Crime Museum. 373 more words