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Anonymous: Chapter 4

It was snowing and it was very cold but she couldn’t feel anything. The snow was up to her ankles and she was barefoot but that didn’t matter because she couldn’t feel the coldness or the snow itself. 2,892 more words


9 Things We Learned at London's Crime Museum Uncovered Exhibit

Mental Floss, February 2016

For almost 150 years, London’s Metropolitan Police have maintained a private collection of criminal memorabilia.

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Blood of the Rose by Kevin Murray

The year is 1986 and, after receiving a series of threatening letters, a newspaper editor is brutally slaughtered. With little to go on, the police are baffled; their only clue being a rose left near the scene of the crime. 297 more words


Opinion - British public must be told truth about immigration figures ahead of EU referendum, says watchdog - Telegraph - John Gelmini

This is an interesting piece of pantomime from the Daily Telegraph, courtesy of Dr. Alf, but to get the full picture we have to go back to the days of the late… 642 more words


Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun

Topic of article: Police; Crime; Child Sex Abuse

Headline: Howe can he stay? 1,400 more words