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Wagtails in the clearing
And pipits in the pines
Stir the morning to motion
By living up to their names



Mental Health...and I. A Journey.

It’s never been easy to live with depression.

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to pop by and read my blog. I’m JD and I am bi polar or “manic depressive.” Throughout this blog I hope to share with you both the good and the bad that I have endured throughout my life with mental illness and hopefully, together, we can break the stigma attached to mental health. 152 more words


Medieval life reconstructed at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle was a seat of Scottish kings. Much effort has been given lately to restore the interiors so that they can give at least a grasp of medieval life. 144 more words


Kelso Abbey

When I went on a tour on February 2012 we visited the village of Kelso and saw the ruins of Kelso Abbey. Kelso Abbey was created in the 12th century in Scotland by monks during the reign of Alexander I. 91 more words


Ice Heart

Mountain heart of ice

Casts her cold dead spell tightly

Unwoven by Spring
A cairn field high above Loch Garry, marking the passage of the thousands who visit the Scottish Highlands each year, travelling through the Cairngorms on this high pass. 118 more words


Scene From Bannockburn.

The Battle of Bannockburn fought on June 24th 1314 in Bannockburn, South Stirling in Scotland this scene from the battle fought for Scottish Independance between Scotland and England is depicted in the Holkham Bible.


Owning Land in Scotland: The Adventure of a Lifetime

My husband Wes and I are looking forward to our trip to the British Isles in May! AHH. So soon now.

Our trip was inspired by my wedding gift to Wes –  235 more words