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Ad Meliora (Toward Better Things)

It’s the summer of 2019, the sun is beating down on Europe and for students collectively sigh at the prospect of weeks free of routine and academia. 157 more words


Case Summary: McDonald v Newton or McDonald

During my internship at Scottish law firm Miller Samuel Hill Brown, I was tasked with summarising key cases in the Scots Law that set a precedent for how future cases were to be approached. 677 more words


Case Summary: Sweeney v Dow or Sweeney

As a legal intern at Scottish law firm Miller Samuel Hill Brown, one of my responsibilities was to summarise key cases in the Scottish High Courts that set a precedent for how future cases were to be approached. 300 more words


Lord Lovat's Land Access Lament

I’ve been interested in access to land for long enough now that my friends, online contacts, students, and even occasional randoms bring access-related signs and placards put in place by land managers or news reports of access disputes to my attention. 2,421 more words

Scots Law

The Tenement Management Scheme, scheme decisions about secure entry systems, and a smattering of teaching nostalgia

The title for this blog post was something I mulled over for a while. After thinking about this for far too long, I opted for what can fairly be described as a boringly accurate title. 1,373 more words

Scots Law

Two cases on the continuing place for public rights of way in Scots law

In the new edition of the Juridical Review, there is a “Case and Comment” piece by Douglas Cusine and me. This considers two sheriff court cases from last year which related to claims that public rights of way existed at the sites in question. 755 more words

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Landlocked: the continuing separate treatment of moveable and immoveable property by the law of succession in Scotland

In the 19th century, the American property reformer Thomas Skidmore (author of a tract entitled The Right of Man to Property!) advocated an approach whereby property rights would end when a land owner died. 182 more words

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