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The Enemy Within - How "New Media Conservatives" Are Fueling Leftist MSM Talking Points

You’re conservative or maybe libertarian.

You can’t stand the lying, fakenews MSM.

Where do you go for news and commentary?

If you’re like many conservatives you probably follow many “New Media” outlets.  1,590 more words

Does the Best Story win except when it doesn't?

A few days ago Scott Adams submitted an interesting theory via Periscope. The basic premise is that the best stories dominate the outcome of events. In this theory, everything from sporting events to politics are subject to the approval of an unseen editor. 812 more words

Persuasion To Get People To Eat Right

Seems like persuasion is in the air all over.

Came across this article that talks about how good branding of healthy foods can persuade people to eat more of them. 295 more words


Scott Adams Reveals His Technique Of Prediction: Best Story Wins

Over the last two years Scott Adams has predicted a number of small and big things correctly using what he calls his Persuasion Filter.

His most notable prediction come true is Donald Trump’s presidency. 146 more words


Why Paris Climate Accord Is Nothing But An Emotional Club For Virtue Signalling

Scott Adams explains why Paris Climate Accord is nothing but an emotional club for virtue signalling.

The clip is of Scott Adams’ Periscope session on June 9, 2017.

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Managing My Energy

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So, my life is boring. 504 more words