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Donald Trump's campaign chief says that Donald is "playing a part" with his persona

CBS News – His general-election appeal in question, Donald Trump’s senior team is promising anxious Republicans that voters will see “a real different guy” soon after the GOP front-runner claims his party’s presidential nomination. 1,301 more words


Dilbert and Trump

Scott Adams has another1 devilishly clever article about the various explicit and implicit moves/plans that work to slowly but surely propel Trump forward, less on the “2D board of reason” but more on the “3d board of persuasion” that matters more. 59 more words


Turn Failures into Success

From his corporate career to his inventions, his investments, and two restaurants, Scott Adams just could not seem to find success with any of his professional ventures. 382 more words

Thought Experiment

In The Elbonian Zombie Virus, Scott Adams asks what should happen if one percent of a given nationality of people, his cartoon Elbonians, were infected with a virus that turned them into zombie killers. 375 more words


Spectacular Failure

In my advertising class last semester, Dr. Bob (celebrity ad man from Saatchi & Saatchi and lauded Creative Advertising Professor at Vanderbilt University) gave our class some advice. 453 more words

The Human Condition