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Acclimatized to Risk

Here is a way to cure writer’s block. Visit a website of somebody you disagree with. If you are a climatologist, visit a climate change denier’s site, if you are a biologist visit a creationist site, if you passed kindergarten read the newsletter of the Flat Earth Society… 1,335 more words


Are the media dishonest?

Or just incompetent?

I’ve been struggling with how to approach my news reading since the presidential election process began in earnest.  I try to read a fair amount each day and to not let myself spend too much time only on sites and blogs that align with my ideological preferences.  203 more words

Society And Culture

Trump is the new CEO

One of the coolest, most loyal celebrity supporters of President-Elect Trump is Scott Adams, creator-cartoonist of the Dilbert series. Here’s his take on what Trump is up to now: 188 more words


Day 12: Showing up

I have been reading this book by Scott Adams, a Dilbert cartoonist, who emphasized the fact of showing up whether you feel like it or not. 502 more words


Why Should I Read | Influence

We tend to focus on a single piece of information when making choices.

Most of the time this helps. Here’s how.

Recently, on a flight from Singapore to the US, I was eating sushi with my brother in the Tokyo airport. 848 more words


In the Land of the Blind...

Scott Adams has spent the last eighteen months predicting President-elect Donald Trump’s rise with spooky accuracy.  I’ve followed him the whole way, making me one of a privileged minority of observers who… 478 more words