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Scott Adams interview on Trump

This needull is a very interesting interview of Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. Scott Adams has gained lot of traction this year for his commentary on the US election and particularly on Trump. 142 more words


Humans Don’t Use Reason for Big Decisions

“My experience with hypnosis completely changed the way I view people and how I interpret the choices they make. I no longer see reason as the driver of behavior. 280 more words


Dilbert says...let's automate everything!

I absolutely love ‘Dilbert’ – it seems to me that Scott Adams, the cartoonist, has seen into our very souls when it comes to our working lives. 1,603 more words

Brain Farts

Making News: On Red State Talk Radio at 6 PM EST Tonight!

Finally!  Here’s the info on my interview with Red State Talk Radio!  It’s scheduled to air tonight on The Scott Adams Show at 6 PM EST, and you can listen live at this… 50 more words


Reality Is Overrated; Choose an Illusion That Works

“[Y]ou shouldn’t hesitate to modify your perceptions to whatever makes you happy, because you’re probably wrong about the underlying nature of reality anyway. If I had to bet my life, I’d say humans are more like my dog trying to use psychic powers on me to play fetch than we are like enlightened creatures that understand their environment at a deep level. 209 more words


Scott Adams: I Don’t Read the News to Find Truth

“My one caution about reading the news every day is that it can be a huge downer if you pick the wrong topics. Personally, I try to avoid stories involving tragic events and concentrate on the more hopeful topics in science, technology, and business. 142 more words


Scott Adams and Donald Trump, Part 2

Political posts like these are almost pointless to write.  The whole world moves so fast and has so many points of view that these sorts of posts just seem destined to be stranded out there in a place in time.  1,395 more words

Donald Trump