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Goals versus systems

I recently read a book by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and successful author. His premise about goals is that you are always chasing goals and never get the satisfaction of achievement because you are always chasing the next goal. 169 more words


Newt Gingrich on Trump

Scott Adams is still the most entertaining guide to why Trump keeps winning. But former House speaker Newt Gingrich has started carving out his own niche, offering a more conventional style plus the promise of better access. 169 more words


The Anti-New Year's Resolutions: Systems, not Goals

Part 2 of a 2-part series (click here for part 1 to learn about why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.)

I love that freshly-washed feeling of the turn of a new year. 1,200 more words

Trump as... Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Trump is good at what he does.

If you loathe Trump so intensely you think he’s a lucky moron, you are choosing to be exactly what he would call you: a hater and a loser. 218 more words


Trump makes an unlikely new friend

When you’ve got Glenn Greenwald arguing Trump’s corner, it may be a sign that your attack is not working.

“Cheering for the CIA and its shadowy allies to unilaterally subvert the U.S.

96 more words

Being a Loser

So these past four days have not been great for my goals, and it reminded me of a quote:

“Losers have goals, winners have systems” 188 more words


Read This Book!

I read a book by Scott Adams called “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,” that has a different take on getting to where you want to be in life. 104 more words