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New stories in Wigleaf plus postcard with apologies to the state of Nebraska

This week I have two new short shorts in one of my all-time favorite zines for flash fiction, the wonderful Wigleaf, edited by Scott Garson. The first is a triptych, called “Enigma” and the second is a blocky, one-paragraph flash called “Game Show.” Scott also gives his authors an opportunity to write a postcard to Wigleaf. 120 more words

A Thousand Perfect Strangers

It’s here and it’s beautiful. Smokelong Quarterly’s brand new website. I really love it. It’s suitably minimalist without being stark. The artwork accompanying the stories, which has always been great, is amazing. 302 more words

Chapbook giveaway

I need to clear space and this represents the teeniest fraction of chapbooks I own, but…baby steps! I’ll do another giveaway in a few months. So, just respond here and I’ll send you a beautiful book (U.S./Canada only): 103 more words

The Wigleaf Top 50 & Longlist for 2012

Finally, the Top 50 its Longlist went live yesterday, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result and the team that made the decisions this year. 105 more words

Flash Novella Project for Undergraduates

First, let me admit I have no idea what I’m doing, but just three days before my first class meeting of English 398: Fiction Writing (junior level) I seized upon the idea of incorporating a flash novella writing project: 15 installments/15 weeks. 614 more words

Scott Garson

The Very Best of Very Short Fiction in 2011: Wigleaf Top 50 & the Longlist

Every May, just as classes are winding down and beach plans are being made, something amazing happens on the internet: The Wigleaf Top 50 and its accompanying, sometimes-even-hipper… 197 more words

Together We Can Bury It -- Coming Soon! The Lit Pub Bookstore...

Very excited to see my new short story collection at the Lit Pub Bookstore page with such a stellar list, including books by Aimee Bender, J.A. 41 more words