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Scott Hall On If Wrestling Will Ever Get As Big As The Monday Night War Era, Wanting A Show, More

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall appeared on Another Wrestling Podcast recently and discussed the state of wrestling today, the WWE Network, and his own cooking show. 242 more words


WWF - the story of Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon

When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left the WWF in early 1996, nobody knew the kind of impact the two men would have on the industry, and particularly on the Monday Night War. 1,004 more words


Scott Hall On Ultimate Warrior's WWF Departure Changing Plans For Him, Not Getting World Title Shots

Scott Hall took time from a recent meet and greet in Houston, Texas to talk to Title Match Wrestling about why he didn’t get very many world title matches throughout his extensive WWE and WCW runs. 182 more words


Top Five Superstars You Never Understood the Hype About

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

Everyone reading this will have a superstar that they absolutely adore. Whether it’s the guys you grew up watching and got you into wrestling or the ones that keep you hooked in the modern days. 905 more words


Tavares, Islanders Join nWo

By Doud

Well you knew this was coming, there was no way the isles would move to Brooklyn and not want to jump on the Nets’ all black everything bandwagon to attempt to drum up the BK Hipster fandom.   255 more words

Monday Night Wars Documentary Review Episode 2: The Rise of the NWO.

Episode 2 of the Monday Night Wars documentary on the WWE network covers the NWO, the heel stable led by a villainous Hogan that pushed WCW Nitro ahead of WWF Raw in the ratings. 622 more words

Monday Night Wars

Bret Hart: “O The Kliq era um câncer”

Neste domingo (06), Bret Hart foi o convidado do programa “The Law”, do canal canadense “Fight Network”, e falou sobre diversos assuntos relacionados ao wrestling. Um dos principais pontos da entrevista foi quando o “Hitman” falou sobre o grupo “The Kliq”, que era formado por Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash e Sean Waltman, nos meados da década de 90. 263 more words