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Friends from Social Media what is the difference?

Friendship is a funny thing. We can know some people all our lives and not make a connection others we meet and click immediately. Makes you wonder what makes those connections. 471 more words

Galesmind Fables

Disability Often Means Feeling Like Your Best Isnt Good Enough(for anyone else)

You know how that hackneyed phrase goes. The one Scott Hamilton bandied about. “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” Chances are, if you know the phrase, you know it’s a big, huge, steaming pile of bullshit. 931 more words


ESPN 30 For 30: The Price of Gold

ESPN 30 For 30: The Price of Gold
This Catch Up is written by Chelsea Cristene
Year of Release: 2014
Spoilers: If you need a spoiler alert for this documentary, you were either not alive yet or living under a rock in 1994. 740 more words

I Rejected Secret Societies And I Will Reject Them All

Back years ago the Professional Ice Skater Scott Hamilton

mailed me a letter in the mail.

I was like this is cool,

this is the Professional Ice Skater Scott Hamilton… 313 more words

Best Safe Than Sorry Ever

The 10 best quotes from 'Little' Jimmy Dickens' funeral

“Everybody likes me,” country singer “Little” Jimmy Dickens once told his friend Scott Hamilton. “I have no enemies.” Neither the Olympic gold-medal figure skater nor anyone else at the Grand Ole Opry House Thursday would have disagreed. 435 more words


Storyline - Part 3

Long over due on my Storyline recap. This is more or less where I left off:

Day 2 of Storyline

I was already  overwhelmed with inspiration from the first day, that I didn’t think Day 2 could get much better, but I somehow missed the announcement of breakout session speakers, so it was a welcome surprise to meet Joshua Becker, one of my favorite writers and bloggers on minimalist living, and attend his breakout session. 568 more words