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National Football League

Let me start by stating that I have no dog in this fight. I couldn’t care less about the New England Patriots or any other team in the National Football League. 609 more words

Scott Kurtz

Tampa Real Estate

Diana is a Tampa based Realtor elected by her peers to serve as a 2015 -2016 Board of Director for the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors (GTAR) 893 more words

Scott Kurtz

Acquisitions Incorporated Takes Over PAX East 2K15

Join the live DnD play experience from PAX East 2015, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, and Patrick Rothfuss battle for their home. Dungeon Master Chris Perkin leads the war. Completely amazing! Video inside!


White and Nerdy

Gag-a-day: These are not comics about S&M (sorry you fans of 50 Shades of Wrong..er Gray) so there’s no need to grab some extra air before reading these dandy little didies. 315 more words

Something I noticed from the latest AI video

The “Acquisitions, Inc.” podcasts and videos are the closest anyone will come to having a watchable D&D game, most likely because the game is merely a backdrop for the participants to sit around and tell jokes. 156 more words

Pro Advice

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with what I like to call pro advice and I have already written about some of my more hated examples of it… 1,125 more words


The Trenches

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who gave their input to my comic last week, thanks a lot. I was happily surprised at the amount of detail you all went in to. 1,501 more words

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