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Cult Classics Review - Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (2010)

Scott Pilgram Vs The World is a Edgar Wright cult classic starring Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim, a loser who plays base for a band started in a living room with some friends. 1,052 more words

My (tiny) Graphic Novel collection

Hello everyone 💕 Today I thought i would chat to you about my very small graphic novel collection, so here we go. 331 more words


Friday Favourites: Movies

Ghost World  When I first stumbled upon this DVD in the video shop many years ago, I guessed from the cover that it was going to be some sort of crappy teen drama with too much gossip and not enough action, but my oh my was I wrong. 288 more words


The never-ending endings of Edgar Wright

Look, I love Edgar Wright. I do. I was a devotee of Spaced, watching both miraculous seasons of that show so many times it’s replaced parts of my vocabulary (certain friends will forever be greeted by ‘you big bloody man’, ‘pickle’ and ‘fucking… plum!’). 951 more words


Film Review: Baby Driver

I’ll admit it: I’m a big Edgar Wright fan. I think the main reason to be an Edgar Wright fan is that he’s one of those most rarefied of creatures, an auteur film director who is still fun. 544 more words


Scott Pilgrim vs the Box Office By: Zach Hess

In 2004, a series of 6 graphic novels making up one collective story were published out of a small comic company known as Oni Press. This story went on to be adapted into a stylized film, directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera, Aubrey Plaza, and Anna Kendrick with a great cameo from Chris Evans. 489 more words

Zach Hess

Oni Press to launch new ONI GAMES Tabletop Gaming Imprint

Portland-based comics publisher Oni Press have announced the launch of Oni Games, a new gaming imprint dedicated to bringing Oni Press titles to the growing tabletop market. 414 more words

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