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My Favourite Fictional Characters

In whatever ever media you watch there’s always a character how sticks to you and you just can’t help but like, for some reason their just memorable, whether it’s that they’re similar to you or their personality is just larger than life. 587 more words

Sweet As Syrup: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World The Game Review

Sometimes, there comes a movie that is just as good as the source material on which it is based. And sometimes, there comes a game based on both the movie and its source material that in many ways outclasses both. 1,275 more words

Sweet As Syrup Review

Life is a movie

I am a big TV and movies fan. I do not deny it. I do not try to hide it. I refuse to apologize for it. 316 more words

Ghostbusters, Hail, Caesar! And why it’s okay to be just be fun.

I’ve been thinking about Hail, Caesar a lot recently. Largely in conjunction with the new Ghostbusters. Originally I just put it down to obsession but I think there’s a very strong similarity between these films that is so obvious but so hard to pin down; they’re both at their hearts, fun. 983 more words


PS3 Review: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

2010’s Scott Pilgrim vs the World was a fine example of a good downloadable game in the previous article. It’s too good not to give it a full review. 405 more words


Book Review: 'Scott Pilgrim' Series by Bryan Lee O'Malley and Nathan Fairbairn


Scott Pilgrim is your typical underachiever. He doesn’t have a job, mooches off his friends, and seemingly has no real motivation to change any of this. 663 more words

Book Reviews

100 All-Time Greatest Comics… Improved: Part XVII

As I said last week, I’ll be winding this nonsense up on the 25th installment, so I should be done by the end of the year. 366 more words