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Goldie Vance: Review

By Carter Glace, Staff Writer

One of my favorite properties in literature is Nancy Drew. I’ve always been partial to the mystery/detective genre, but it can be tough to ignore that the genre is hyper-masculine, with most of our signature literary ‘detectives’ being male. 1,045 more words


Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (#4) by Bryan Lee O'Malley

“You had a sexy phase ?”

Yet again this volume was highly entertaining just like it’s predecessors. Here, multiple storylines are taking place at once and while it did take me a bit of time to get used to it, ultimately the concept was done well. 64 more words


Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life Vol. 1

I read this in one sitting and was not expecting to enjoy Scott Pilgrim to that degree. Sure, this volume takes like thirty minutes to read but if you hate the material you’re not going to devote a half hour to read it in one sitting. 362 more words

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Film Review (2010)

Michael Cera in one of his finest roles playing the book character that we all wish we were- Scott Pilgrim.

PLOT: In short, this is about Scott playing in a band called ‘sex ba-bomb’ who are actually really good and after falling in love with Ramona Flowers (she’s cool) (Mary Winstead), he has to fight all her evil ex’s in order to date her. 296 more words

All In One

Scott Pilgrim And The Infinite Sadness (#3) by Bryan Lee O'Malley

“I guess he went back to Vegan Academy for College. I hear it’s tough to get in ,” 162 more words


Scott Pilgrim (Comic book)

I know everyone has read this comic. This is less of a review. And more of a long laborious ode in which I proclaim my love for Scott… and therefore by association, Bryan Lee O’Malley. 559 more words

Ready Player One