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The Scott Shaw and Zen Filmmaking Documentary: The Truth Be Told

From the Scott Shaw Zen Blog.

By Scott Shaw

Like I always say, You know you’re famous when people you’ve never met say things about you that aren’t true… 1,997 more words

Scott Shaw

BOOK REVIEW: Hapkido by Scott Shaw

Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense by Scott Shaw
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When I picked up this book, all I knew about Hapkidō was that it was a Korean martial art, that it wasn’t a sport like its more famous martial cousin—Tae Kwon Do (TKD), and that it was a more comprehensive art (grappling as well as striking) than TKD. 427 more words


Max Hell Frog Warrior: The Story of the Production

By Scott Shaw


The Zen Film Toad Warrior, which became Max Hell Frog Warrior, was the third film that Donald G. Jackson and I completed as a filmmaking team. 5,934 more words

Scott Shaw