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Scott Shaw Speaking with the Zen Film Master

     The Entire Three Part Interview.

By Cori Tate, M.F.A.

Scott Shaw has spent the past twenty years making some of the wildest no-budget independent films that the world has never seen. 5,330 more words

Scott Shaw

Dark Horse Wants to Help You With Mark Perez’s How to Win at Life by Cheating at Everything

Dark Horse has announced it’s branching into the self-help book market with How to Win at Life by Cheating at Everything by Mark Perez. … 117 more words


Everybody Talks About the Films but Nobody Studies the Films

By Scott Shaw

I forever find it curious that whenever I hear or read about what people are saying about the Zen Films of Scott Shaw they are virtually always completely wrong. 638 more words

Scott Shaw

My Interview with Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist. Shaw realized his passion was with photography when he bought his first camera in high school. After earning his journalism degree at Southern Illinois University, he entered the work force full-time as a photojournalist. 675 more words

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The Kris Derrig Les Paul

By Scott Shaw

I have noticed that there has been a lot of discussion about the evolution of the Kris Derrig Les Paul on the Internet. 1,015 more words

Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw Max Hell Frog Warrior: The Facts and the Fiction

By James Kim

Max Hell Frog Warrior holds a unique place in cult film history. It is both loved and hated, revered and shunned, praised and harshly criticized. 8,573 more words

Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw: Fist of the Buddha

By Jasmine Lee

When the modern Angelino thinks about the martial arts, visions of Tae Bo, Cardio Kickboxing, The Ultimate Fighting Championships, or even Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan kicking butt on the silver screen is generally the first thought which comes to mind. 895 more words

Scott Shaw