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At Yahoo, a Case Study in Death by Leadership

Until now, Hewlett Packard has been Silicon Valley’s pretty much undisputed champion of serial mismanagement. What can you say about a company with so many shabby episodes that the one people tend to forget is the time its chairwoman faced… 897 more words


The Kids in the Hall's Top 20 Sketches

This feature was originally published in July 2013 and is being re-run for Brain Candy’s 20th anniversary. Still holds up.

That familiar bassline, those black-and-white shots of Toronto’s city streets, the blurry faces of daily locals doing their daily tasks, and then pops up Dave Foley or Bruce McCulloch or Scott Thompson or Kevin McDonald or Mark McKinney — … 1,851 more words

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Brain Candy Turns 20: A Conversation with The Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson

On April 12, 1996, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy premiered in some theaters across North America. The film, which was made at the very bleakest point in the sketch comedy five-piece’s now 30-year history, wasn’t exactly an auspicious cinematic debut for the Kids, failing to capitalize on either the commercial or critical success of their iconic HBO/CBC TV show, which ran from 1988-1994. 1,875 more words

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Interview: Scott Thompson, Author of Eight Days

Scott, your new book Eight Days comes out in March 2016. Tell us a bit about the story and what inspired you to write it. 954 more words


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