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Scott Thompson: How advanced are we as a society, sexually?

How do you know when a situation is a pattern, or an anomaly? When it keeps happening over and over again.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations, I started asking female friends and co-workers if this sort of thing had ever happened to them. 256 more words


Scott Thompson: Another great Canadian Grey Cup

Paint a picture of the perfect Grey Cup game.

Two classic East/West teams.

A great Canadian halftime show with one of the biggest stars the country has produced. 135 more words


Scott Thompson: Our leaders could learn from our kids

My son Kurt went with his 5th-grade class on a field trip to the Ontario Legislature at Queen’s Park.

His class got to witness what our provincial leaders do on a daily basis up close. 211 more words


Scott Thompson: 'Phones Down, Heads Up Act' — is it needed?

You haven’t had to live very long to realize the hold electronic devices have on today’s society.

Distracting driving is ahead of impaired driving when it comes to fatalities on our roadways. 197 more words


Full Review: DON’T TALK TO IRENE (Canada 2017) ***

When Irene – the fattest girl in high school – gets suspended, she must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home. Following her passion for cheerleading, she secretly … 542 more words

Scott Thompson: How old should your kids be before they ride the bus alone?

How old should your kid be before they are allowed to take public transit by themselves?

This is an interesting, “Mind your own business” story that has been occupying water cooler conversation across the country all week. 224 more words


Scott Thompson: It's back to school!

It’s back to school!

The Labour Day long weekend marks the unofficial end to summer.

Kids and parents across the land are celebrating and dreading, the first day of class. 116 more words