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Quick Retrospective on my Comedy Week in LA

I’m back in Knoxville and slowly recovering, so here is a mostly retrospective comedy post. Thanks to everyone for the great shows and great times in LA last week. 456 more words

On The Road

COMMENTARY: We ALL must unite against extremism

It is time we rid the world of those who are hell-bent on killing us, and the civilized world we represent.

This is NOT about religion, it is NOT about ethnicity. 174 more words


COMMENTARY: We need good jobs Ms. Wynne, not higher wages at the drive-thru

The argument for raising minimum wage can get a little confusing.

I always thought minimum wage jobs were starter jobs or positions for those just beginning their experience like students, or for those who want a little extra cash, like seniors. 191 more words


COMMENTARY: Ever watched a kidney transplant live?

To say that technology has come a long way is an understatement, no matter the generation.

The fact that most can access information or communicate around the world in a split second is nothing short of miraculous. 184 more words


COMMENTARY: Do people care they're being watched?

It wasn’t that long ago when the thought of putting up any kind of surveillance camera, other than in extreme situations, was considered a huge invasion of privacy. 229 more words


COMMENTARY: Toronto Pride Parade fights to be inclusionary

Toronto City Hall voted to continue $260,000 in funding for Toronto’s Pride Parade despite pressure from police officers within the LGBTQ community (and some on city council) to pull it. 185 more words


COMMENTARY: Cranky? Blame the weather...

Have you noticed everyone seems to be in a cranky mood lately?

That is over-and-above the problem politics of the day, and your soaring electricity bill. 173 more words