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FannibalFest Scam Report Update

I have mentioned before that this Hannibal Only convention called Fannibal Fest is a complete and total scam, or it looks like one. Either that, or it’s totally run by a bunch of incompetent morons. 2,483 more words


What I learned from Scott Thompson

Last weekend I had the pleasure of opening for one of my comedic heroes, Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, and I’m not even sure what could top it. 916 more words


“The water cleansed his soul of the clutter and junk he had acquired through advice from those who were loud, but wrong. Many who had claimed to be wise had filled him, like so many others, with fear, hate, and judgment – all emotions that could not be carried into Eternity.” ―Scott Thompson


My Favorite Kid in the Hall

In one week I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with a hero of mine, Scott Thompson from the sketch comedy show, The Kids in the Hall. 298 more words

Shannon Is Funny

Quick Retrospective on my Comedy Week in LA

I’m back in Knoxville and slowly recovering, so here is a mostly retrospective comedy post. Thanks to everyone for the great shows and great times in LA last week. 456 more words

On The Road

COMMENTARY: We ALL must unite against extremism

It is time we rid the world of those who are hell-bent on killing us, and the civilized world we represent.

This is NOT about religion, it is NOT about ethnicity. 174 more words


COMMENTARY: We need good jobs Ms. Wynne, not higher wages at the drive-thru

The argument for raising minimum wage can get a little confusing.

I always thought minimum wage jobs were starter jobs or positions for those just beginning their experience like students, or for those who want a little extra cash, like seniors. 191 more words