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COMMENTARY: Wynne steals NDP pharma plan

Excuse me, Premier Kathleen Wynne?

The NDP called.

They want their pharmacare plan back.

And the rest of their playbook, for that matter.

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Commentary: What's the real reason O'Leary is out of the race?

Kevin O’Leary surprised us all yesterday and abruptly announced he was dropping out of the federal Conservative leadership race.

This, despite being the front-runner out of 14 candidates. 202 more words

Kevin O'Leary

Commentary: Councillors looking to save face on LRT

It looks like Hamilton Coun. Terry Whitehead is showing a lack of leadership, and signs of flip-flopping yet again on his LRT position, just to save face. 279 more words


Commentary: A little late for Wynne pilot projects

If you asked the average Canadian if we should protect the most vulnerable in our society, they would answer a polite, yes.

But how much are we willing to do, and at what cost? 226 more words

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Interview: British expat Scott Thompson on his world-record breaking charity exploits across Indonesia

Imagine running 30 marathons across Indonesia back to back, starting on the idyllic volcanic island of Bali and finishing up in the bustling, crowded, can’t-catch-your-breath city of Jakarta. 2,386 more words


Commentary: New leader won’t help Liberals

After the headlines of rent control and foreign home buyer’s tax fade, questions are still rising if Kathleen Wynne will lead the Liberal party into the next provincial election. 172 more words


Commentary: Trump's stupidity comes back to haunt him

Donald Trump’s stupid, immature, negative, and trivial comments about his own government and security agencies have come back to haunt him on the world stage. 228 more words