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Dissenters, Not Ignoramuses

Physical anthropologists have long been on the front lines of debates over evolution. In the Texas textbook tumult over the past decade, for example, Ronald Wetherington of Southern Methodist University… 3,660 more words


Conversation: Scott Thurman

Scott directed “The Revisionaries” a film about the fight for education curriculum in Texas. In this interview he details how his short film became a powerful feature and how access was the key to telling this impactful story.



Netflix Nights: "The Revisionaries"

Directed by Scott Thurman, The Revisionaries, is a wonderfully made expose on the culture wars that revolve most aspects of american politics and how those political wars are resolved inside a small meeting room where the future of state textbook standards are revised by the Texas state Board of Education. 79 more words


Moviecation: The Revisionaries

Writer & Producer: Veronika Kondratieva
Other Side Drive Producer: Shannon Williams
Editor: Adam M. Cook

In Austin, 15 people influence what is taught to the next generation of American children. 798 more words


An Atheist and a Fundamentalist Walk into a Bar…

Can skeptics and believers talk civilly to one another? Can creationists and mainstream scientists ever have a constructive dialogue?

Most of the time, the best efforts at culture-war mediation leave everyone only more bitter and more convinced of the “extremism” and “irrationality” of the other side. 777 more words


Texas Freedom Network is seeking new Outreach and Field Coordinator

Looking for a job with a lobbying and advocacy organization that seeks to promote separation of church and state, comprehensive sexual education, and for quality public education? 214 more words