Scott Van Pelt celebrates his daughter's 6th birthday in touching SportsCenter segment

Scott Van Pelt dedicated a portion of his SportsCenter episode on Thursday to his six-year-old daughter Lila, who just celebrated her birthday. In a powerful segment, Van Pelt admitted that he was hoping his first child would be a boy, but found that having a daughter completely changed his worldview. 186 more words


ESPN Launching "SVP and Russillo" Podcast

Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo are bringing back a podcast version of their radio show to ESPN, the duo announced Thursday on Russillo’s current eponymous podcast… 241 more words


ESPN Can't Afford to Lose Stephen A. Smith, $10 Million a Year Looks Like a Bargain

The latest contract rumors in sports media to swirl relate to Tony Romo and Stephen A. Smith. And both involve the two media stars inking deals worth around $10 million per year. 782 more words

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VIDEO: Scott Van Pelt's Interview With Luke Maye Crashed By UNC Teammates À La Theo Pinson

There are always risks when conducting a live interview with an athlete right after a big win. There could be cursing or smack talk (actually good) or even the dreaded moment where you call the player or team by the wrong name. 193 more words


VIDEO: SportsCenter Came to a Halt While Adam Schefter Tweeted Out Le'Veon Bell News

Adam Schefter, who works harder than everyone else and likely had a full workout in the books by 5 a.m. this morning, was on SportsCenter… 167 more words


Watch Scott Van Pelt's Touching 'SportsCenter' Monologue On The Anniversary Of His Father's Passing

Scott Van Pelt is the best sports talk show host in the business. The longtime ESPN personality has always been one of the network’s aces, but as Van Pelt shows on a nightly basis since getting his own edition of… 369 more words

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Scott Van Pelt closed Tuesday night's show by paying a beautiful tribute to his late dad

Scott Van Pelt closed out his show Tuesday night with an emotional tribute to his late father, who passed away 31 years ago to the day. 514 more words