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Nolan & Walker: Maple Syrup and Pipelines

I call them Flip and Flop.  Rick Nolan and Scott Walker are about as different as two peas in the same republimat democrap pod.  Maple syrup and pipelines, however, must share location because Flip and Flop really enjoy maple syrup?  156 more words

Rick Nolan

So Far, Christie Silent on Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Laws

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence swatted a hornet’s nest when he signed a bill that detractors say would allow Hoosier State businesses to deny services to gay and lesbian couples. 846 more words

Debate over religious freedom: Differences between Indiana's new law, what's happening in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Indiana finds itself under the spotlight this week — and not just because it’s hosting the top teams in college basketball.

Critics say Indiana’s new religious freedom restoration law could be used to discriminate. 353 more words


UW-Oshkosh one of three campuses offering voluntary retirement buyouts as UW System faces budget cuts

OSHKOSH (WITI/AP) — The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh is the third campus to offer voluntary retirement buyouts for faculty and staff as the UW System faces possible budget cuts. 388 more words


Are They Serious?

She was encouraged to leave Lucent Technology, fired from Hewlitt-Packard, ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress, and was even fired by the John McCain’s presidential campaign. 537 more words


"A Juicy Target For Budget Cutters": To Balance Budgets, Governors Seek Higher Education Cuts

Governors in nearly a half-dozen states want to cut state spending on colleges and universities to help close budget shortfalls, often sparking vehement opposition among state lawmakers of both parties. 1,332 more words

Tax Cuts