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Where In The World?

I’m having trouble figuring out where I am in this one. You’d think I’d know where I am since I’m starring in the movie.

The little street sign thingeys look like those in lots of places. 72 more words

The Scottie Chronicles

I'm Such a Help

You know how I love to go shopping with Them.  Here We are at a place called Paul’s. Here I am helping Them pick out some slate.  239 more words

Scottish Terriers

Foghorn Anyone?

I’ve never seen pea soup, but I think it must look something like this stuff – FOG.  There We were, at Our favorite resting place at the Currituck Sound, and this fog rolled in on Us.  119 more words

Scottish Terriers

Almost Beach Time!

Good golly it’s almost time for our annual trip to The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I just can’t wait!  Sand, seagulls and surf.  That’s my idea of a vacation! 60 more words

Scottish Terriers