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The Questionable Status of Dick's 'atband

Remember that bit in “Beetlejuice”, when two of the main characters happened across “The Handbook for the Recently Deceased”? It would be lovely if such a handbook exists, although odds are I’ll treat it like I do most magazines: ie, read it back from front, flipping idly through, distracted by pictures, and missing important things. 1,072 more words


This Kid Eats A Carolina Reaper Pepper And Almost Immediately Regrets It

This 9-year-old Scottish boy tells the camera that he’s planning to eat an entire Carolina Reaper, ostensibly for our viewing enjoyment. In case, like me, you’re not well-versed when it comes to the scale of hot peppers, here’s some background: The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper known to mankind, averaging 1,569,300 on the Scoville scale (and up to 2,200,000). 74 more words


Tongues of the Trossachs

Viscount Astor

Papers are invited for an academic conference examining linguistic and philological evidence relating to the accent of the outlaw and popular hero, Rob Roy MacGregor, to be held in the Old Library Tea Room, Balquhidder in September. 133 more words

The Land O Cakes

The Classiest Spring Break EVER - South Padre, Texas: UAH Edition

Date: March 15-24, 2008 | Location: South Padre, Texas

As was the previous spring break story, this one is mostly about Duncan Kane and his exploits. 2,639 more words

Blasts From The Past

*NEW* Video Discussing the Scottish Accents Heard on Outlander

New behind the scenes video with Carol Ann Crawford, the dialect coach, introducing you to the many different Scottish accents heard on Outlander.


Rogue Submarine Captain Jude Law Scottishly Steals Nazi Gold In 'Black Sea'

Black Sea, in addition to being a massive inland ocean in Southeastern Europe and arguably one of the better XTC albums, is a film from director Kevin McDonald ( 197 more words


Quote of the Day

Since the last quote was Vieve making fun of Rayn’s accent I decided I would make this quote about Avery making fun of Callum’s accent. Even though Callum was only in Deadened his being there helped her in many ways and set up some of the events that happen later in the series. 181 more words