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Artist Spotlight - Vida

I turn my spotlight back to Europe for a look at Scottish alternative indie rock band Vida, who have an exceptional debut double-sided single “Fade Away/Switch It Off.” Hailing from Clackmannanshire County (love that name), Vida – which means ‘beloved friend’ in Scottish – consists of Jamie Pollock (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan Evans (lead guitar, backing vocals), Ross McShane (bass guitar, backing vocals), Greg Ballantyne (keyboards) and Jamie Piggott (drums).   212 more words

Artist Spotlight

Going The Distance: A Travelling Mix-tape

The last few days have saw me travel from Aberdeen to Sweden via Norway and now I am currently in London. 

That’s a fair distance to be travelling for a small town boy like me. 121 more words


FFS--Dictator's Son

Sometimes a collaboration ends up being both exactly and nothing like you would have expected.  Such is the case when Sparks and Franz Ferdinand joined forces to form the brilliantly titled FFS.   166 more words


The Beta Band--Dry the Rain

There’s really nothing that can be said about Dry the Rain that wasn’t already proven in 30 seconds in High Fidelity. Throwing on the track by Scottish wonders The Beta Band results in an instant warm glow.   54 more words


Glasvegas--Lots Sometimes

Sometimes you just need a sledgehammer of sincerity.  Glasvegas are the reigning champions of earnest emotion.  There’s nothing subtle about the Glasgow band’s Wall of Sound indebted weepies, but subtle can be overrated.   292 more words


Josef K--Forever Drone

Truly one of the great one album wonders, Josef K proved far more influential than popular after the release of The Only Fun in Town.  Like Joy Division, the Edinburgh post-punk outfit eschewed the tonally upbeat, instead opting for bleakly obscure, philosophy inspired lyrics over jagged guitars.   96 more words


Primal Scream--Beautiful Future

We’re taking a look at great Scots this week, in honor of Primal Scream getting 11 unbelievable albums deep into their career with the release of Chaosmosis.   148 more words