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Projection for Result of 2016 Scottish Parliamentary Election

Looking past the upcoming Westminster election, I thought it might be interesting to use the most up to date polls to project what might happen next year. 1,206 more words


Can We Please Stop With The 'Tactical Voting' Bullying

First, let me say that I’ve been an SNP supporter and voter in the past, currently regard them as an ally and a broadly positive force and wouldn’t rule out voting for them in the future. 808 more words


A Flagship Sunk.

The complaint of the age is that politics is managerial, risk-averse, and wholly lacking in ideas and ideals. You might have never heard of anything even half as daft as the Green Party of England and Wales’ plan to introduce a guaranteed “citizen’s income” to all adults. 1,423 more words

Reflections Upon Contemporary Events.

On grief and independence, part 2

by Andrew Eaton-Lewis

It is just over a year since my dad died. In theory I should now be in the final stage of grief – reintegration, accepting your newfound reality and moving on. 3,606 more words


Why I Joined The Green Surge

With the combined UK Green parties now having more members than the Liberal Democrats or UKIP, it seems a good time to talk about why I chose to join the Greens and ended up being a part of the so called ‘ 754 more words


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Ofcom have today announced a draft decision that the Greens are not a major party and as such do not necessarily need to be included in the televised leader debates during the upcoming general election campaign, while simultaneously deciding that UKIP ARE a major party and should be included. 281 more words


Hope is Important

After a few days of pretty partisan, heavy political posts I thought it was time to share something a little more personal…

Six months ago, I wasn’t a member of a political party and I didn’t write about politics daily. 676 more words