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Why I am voting for the Green Party

I guess the short answer to the question is that they’re what I’d characterize as left wing. I like the SNP but I’d say they’re too centrist for me to ever feel comfortable voting for them. 380 more words


Political Change in Scotland

This is a long-term project involving Social Scientists at Moray College UHI who are interested in the post-referendum period in Scotland and the political change associated with this. 99 more words

Gender equality now: Speech to Women 50:50 event

On Wednesday night I had the privilege of speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Edinburgh branch of Women 50:50. The campaign, both nationally and locally, is calling for gender quotas in politics and on public boards to be made law. 959 more words

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No ‘High-Fives’ for Labour in Scotland

Jim Murphy, the self-proclaimed man ‘for Scotland,’ still believes that he can close the unprecendented gap between his failing Scottish Labour Party and the SNP. He has set himself one hell of a task. 659 more words

Scottish Independence

One in Five campaign launches at Parliament

Today I joined what felt like every MSP in Parliament for the launch of the One in Five campaign. Ambassadors Pam Duncan-Glancy and Jamie Szymkowiak have done an incredible job in just a couple of weeks to create this brilliant campaign which aims to encourage, empower and increase political participation amongst disabled people in Scotland. 350 more words

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Time to transform the forgotten South

In the last days of this parliament came one of the most interesting and useful reports I’ve seen in five years of the Scottish Affairs Committee. 788 more words

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On democracy, Trident and fear

I’ve just watched Alex Salmond and Anna Soubry on the Andrew Marr Show, open mouthed at the astonishing statements coming from Anna Soubry. Below is a short clip of the programme.   466 more words

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