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Managing Burnout

Chris Napier

A few weeks ago I was asked to speak about my experiences of activist burnout at the meeting of the Glasgow West-sub branch… 1,894 more words


Exploring a Universal Basic Income

Last Friday, I was invited to speak at a local event exploring the concept of a Universal Basic Income, or what the Greens tend to refer to as a Citizen’s Income. 176 more words


Joshua McCormick on why you should Vote Green on August 11th in the Irvine West By-Election

Scotland is gripped by the schism of nationalism vs unionism. This is an important debate and something the Scottish Green Party has spoke in great detail about. 444 more words

Ayrshire Greens

Iain Macwhirter: Lack of a Yes campaign presents real problem ahead of a second independence referendum.

Iain Macwhirter writes:

“There is a great stirring in the Force. Following the Brexit madness, Trident and Nicola Sturgeon’s forecast of another referendum as early as a year, the independence movement is on the march to a second vote. 1,201 more words

Politics Scotland

YouGov poll conducted for Unionist group sees support for independence continue to climb.

A poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of the pro unionist “Scotland in Union” campaign group had polled 1006 adults within Scotland, with 50.4% of those polled having previously voted No in 2014 and only 41.1% that had voted Yes been asked to participate, with the remaining 8.5% not having voted. 186 more words

Politics Scotland

Ayrshire Council Nominations and Selection

Are you passionate about your local community and ever thought about running for the local council elections in 2017? We’d love to hear from YOU!  203 more words

Ayrshire Greens

I Want My Country Back

Martin Rowe

I’ve heard it said a lot by people that they want out of Europe, because they want their country back. Well, on this, especially after the events of yesterday, I have to agree – I too want my country back. 1,037 more words