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Letters: Open Letter from Councillor Sankey to HIAL

Open Letter from Scottish Green Party Councillor, Steve Sankey

To Ms Lorna Jack Chair, HIAL

I write in my capacity as a Member of Orkney Islands Council, to query and seek a review of the governance process that you adopted in making a decision to impose charging for car parking at Kirkwall airport. 394 more words


Precarious work is snow fun and pay

The UK has been taking a battering by Storm Emma which saw Central Scotland get a rare red weather warning from the Met Office. The severe red warning lasted for nearly 24hrs and saw many workplaces close down early on Wednesday the 28th of February. 923 more words

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An insight into the “fair and simplistic” Universal Credit

At the Conservative Party conference in 2010 Ian Duncan Smith announced a new system that would deliver social security across the UK which he boasted would bring “fairness and simplicity” named Universal Credit (UC). 839 more words

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My ID is finally verified, my payments certainly aren’t.... as

So as you all know, or can find out from my #LeftyInABusinessSchool homepage, I’m documenting my journey through Universal Credit (UC). A journey I’m forced to take after severally fracturing my ankle and not receiving Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from my employer due to being a ‘low earner’. 1,600 more words

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Can we see some ID pal? Universal Credit and the farcical ID process

So as you all know I’m documenting my journey through claiming Universal Credit (UC). This is to claim my Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) as my employer ruled out paying it and I received my fit note back from head office. 1,117 more words

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Today I start the process of claiming Universal Credit....

So, as most of you will know, if you have been following #LeftyInABusinessSchool from the start, that around New Year I badly fractured my ankle and will be off for around twelve weeks. 932 more words

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Universal Basic Income: tackling inequality and the automation of work....

I am happy to read more positive coverage of Universal Basic Income (UBI) especially links with the current state of the economy and work as a solution to our problems. 1,038 more words

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