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Campaign Diary - Week #16

  • Best bits: Three great hustings in the Borders and getting out in the sun winning votes from Kelso to Dumfries to Fenwick
  • Worst bit: Coming to terms with the fact that there’s only a week left!
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Parliamentary Majorities Suck

The Virago

Okay, here’s the deal: I’m confident that we will make independence happen in my lifetime with or without the SNP getting ever larger majorities. 447 more words


Mhairi Black - do you want my vote back?

A response to Mhairi Black by The Familiar

Dear Mhairi,

You were my #SNPGOOD.

I had a bit of a crush on you. I read your column in the National and shared videos of you in parliament. 377 more words


Campaign Diary - Week #15

  • Best bits: Getting some really positive feedback at hustings, especially from folk who were previously undecided or had thought they’d be both votes SNP but who’d changed their mind when they heard me at a hustings whether in Kilmarnock, North Berwick or Castle Douglas…
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Ding dong Labour's dead!

The Familiar

So there’s a dog fight for second place and a (growing) chance that Labour might lose.

People feel betrayed by Labour.

I get that. 412 more words


No (Effective) Representation Without Taxation - How Greens Will Shake Up Council Funding

Allan Faulds

Following on from David Allison’s piece yesterday about how important local empowerment is, as a matter of democratic principle rather than cynical policy, it seemed a good time for to follow up by getting a little  bit more technical on some of what we need to put that principle into practice – namely, an enormous shift in the level of responsibility our local councils have over their own revenues and expenditure. 1,142 more words

Scottish Green Party

Campaign Diary - Week #14

  • Best bits: Introducing Save Broomfield campaigners to Lesley Riddoch for some welcome advice and support on the next stage of their campaign and then getting a shout out on her podcast…
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