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Who Were the Picts?

As one of the peoples that contributed to the genetic and cultural lineage of Scotland, the identity of this enigmatic folk has been a mystery that has been debated for decades. 3,815 more words

History And Mythology

St Andrew's Day, Montreal, 1922

Montreal Gazette, 30 Nov 1922, page 12

St Andrew’s Day

This is a red letter day for Scotchmen, in which heather, bagpipes, Scottish national music and dances are indissolubly intertwined; the memory of Scotia’s patron saint being a very tender and sacred on to Scotsmen all over the world. 352 more words


Scottish Graduates Plan to Form Club, Montreal, 1931

Montreal Daily Star, 2 March 1931 page 17

Scottish Graduates Plan to Form Club

Meeting will be held on March 7

A largely attended meeting of those interested in the formation of a club comprised of former students of Scottish schools and universities, resident in Montreal and District, was held at the Mount Royal Hotel, under the chairmanship of WW Swinden.  118 more words


Glengarrians in California, 1894

The Glengarrian, 22 Jun 1894

Glengarrians in California

To the Editor of the Glengarrian:-

Sir – Knowing that you like to follow the fortunes of the men of Glengarry, it will interest you to learn that the Caledonia Club proceedings at Stockton, San Joaquin, Co., California, this year were mainly engineered by Glengarry lads.  509 more words


Halloween, Montreal, 1869

Montreal Gazette 30 October 1869, page 3


The Grand Annual Festival of the Caledonian Society will be held in the Theatre Royal on Saturday Evening, October 30, 1869. 126 more words


Scots cartoon, Montreal, 1912

Montreal Daily Star, 8 May 1912, page 7

“Eh! Man, but I’d like a dish o’ they Oats.”


The adoption and communication of Scottish identity on Instagram

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing six Scottish fashion and lifestyle bloggers about the adoption and communication of Scottish identity on Instagram. 1,731 more words