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To Robert Burns, [bad poetry] 1918

Montreal Gazette, 22 July 1918, page 3

To Robert Burns

“Bard of Caledonia”

(Gaed ayent the Bourne July 21, 1796)

O Scottish Bard! Hoo happy, syne, were ye… 124 more words


Clan McLennan, Montreal, 1896

Glengarry News, 28 February 1896, page 4

The Clan McLennan

In our last issue we referred to the presence in town of Chief Ross, of the Clan McLennan, of Montreal, the purpose of which was to arrive at satisfactory arrangements with the directors of the Alexandria Driving Park Co, by which a monster demonstration under the auspices of the Clan might be held in the Park Grounds on Dominion Day.  108 more words


Bagpipes in War, 1900

Dundee Evening Telegraph, 26 Jul 1900, page 6

The Bagpipes in War – The Highlanders owe much to their bagpipes; they have done an immense deal to quicken the blood and fire the souls of fighting men in the battlefield; and feeble indeed would have been their efforts had their beloved bagpipes been absent.  156 more words


In defence of Scots in Montreal - after insult by La Minerve, 1835

Montreal Gazette, 10 October 1835, pg 2

We know not for what reason the Editor of the Minerve takes so many more opportunities of insulting the Scotch inhabitants of this Province, then those from the other parts of the United Kingdom.  760 more words


Caledonian Games for Dublin, 1884

Rothesay Chronicle 23 Feb 1884 p 3

Caledonian Games for Dublin

An influential committee has just been formed in Dublin for the purpose of organising a series of Scottish games and sports, the first of which is to be held in Lansdowne Road Grounds on Whit-Monday, 1884.  93 more words


Oldest Lady in Glengarry, 1869

Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper, 23 May 1869, page 2

A Scoto-Canadian paper says: “In Glengarry (Canada) there is at present living a woman who is 126 years of age.  74 more words


Death of a Saltcoats Man in Canada, 1910

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 7 Oct 1910, page 5

Death of a Saltcoats Man in Canada

We regret to hear of the death, in Canada of Alexander Boyd, a native of Saltcoats, who emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario some three years ago.  70 more words