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For Scotland. Against the Union.

I have now booked a ticket for the SIC Conference. I did so somewhat belatedly and a bit reluctantly after initially having decided to give it a miss. 668 more words


Changing iScotland’s Approach to the Media

by Jeggit

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Speaking at the Scottish Independence Convention at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday The National’s consulting editor Richard Walker had some challenging words for the Yes movement regarding our approaches to the media. 866 more words


Stewart Kirkpatrick: Strategising Now for IndyRef2

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By Jason Michael

IndyRef2 has already begun. No campaign has been launched and no date for the vote has been set, but we all know that it is coming. 657 more words


Don't mention the SNP

An article about Scotland’s Yes movement, and the import role of women within that movement, which assiduously avoids any mention of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon. 73 more words