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JD Brown - just WOW!

HUBBY and I attended an after dinner function at his golf club on Saturday 27th June (Williamwood). We say through the usual stories of middle – aged men posturing over their rounds of golf and meetings at work and we politely nodded and smiled. 184 more words



The words ‘Peter Mullan’ and ‘homeless’ may conjure up some pretty miserable imagery. The premise of British drama Hector makes for a grim scene: an ageing man living on the streets makes his yearly trip to London for a stay in a shelter over Christmas. 354 more words


Day 264 - Tiny Rewards

Good news: Admiral Fallow have a new album out. On first listen it already feels familiar and on second, confirms that each listen will give more and more. 26 more words

100 Happy Days

A Jump To The Past: DuckTales Feature!

I began re-living a part of my childhood yesterday. I found a site on the interwebs here where I can watch “DuckTales”! Yay!

“DuckTales” is one of my favorite shows from back when I was a kid. 229 more words

Daily Life

Peewits & Coneys ...

Have had a lovely drive through the Glen tonight and was amazed at how many Lapwings and Rabbits there were.
Lots of young ones about, just wonderful to see the adult Lapwing keeping an eye on their off spring.
Karen x