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Strawberries ~ Edwin Morgan. Poet.

Abandoned like a child

from your eager mouth

the taste of Strawberries

in my memory

lean back again

let me love you

Following on from my post yesterday about my Grass Snake at the allotment and Emily Dickinson’s poem Snake, today it’s still about the Strawberries in this beautiful emotional poem Strawberries by the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan who was born in Glasgow 1920. 101 more words


Deaf Havana - O2 abc Glasgow - 18/02/17

An extended hiatus followed Deaf Havana’s release of Old Souls back in 2013 and no album has ever made me more desperate for new music in my entire life – I could talk about ‘Old Souls’ for days on end but that’s a different post altogether. 492 more words

So what is this all about?

Hi, my name is Jodie and I have decided to write a blog! I have always had an interest in travel and tourism but more recently, travel in Scotland. 430 more words


The important message behind #1DayWithoutUs: why we're better together

If someone asked you today, ‘Where are you from?’, what would your answer be? There’s a chance that you will have left the country you grew up in and have made yourself a new home in a different district or completely different country altogether. 723 more words


The Difference Between Tartan & Plaid

For many people – even Scottish-Americans, the distinction between plaid and tartan is confusing.  This guide should help take the mystery out of the difference between the two. 442 more words



Stars keep the sky in fashion

In this world of dreams

I find myself touching everything

But I still can’t touch you.

The lines of life drift away… 29 more words


Black Currant Cheesecake Porridge

When I look at old recipes, recipes of a bygone age, I am struck by how different the cooking methods were. Even a couple of generations back they had little more than a wood fired stove and a pair of hands to make their meals with. 180 more words