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23 Love Street|| The Hepburns

Dorothy and Grant’s wedding was the smallest wedding we have ever photographed. Smallest, but full of emotion, and so very sweet and intimate! It was not one of those weddings where you only know the bride and groom and everyone else feels like a stranger. 201 more words



The Cat Sidhe figures in both Irish and Scottish folk tales. It is described as a fairy that takes the form of an enormous cat, all black except for one white spot on its chest. 194 more words



Yes, I know I’ve missed a week – but I was moving INTO MY OWN CASTLE!!

This is not true, but I did move nearer a castle,  and no, I shan’t tell you which one. 148 more words


Outlander 1x12 – Or the episode where we wonder why everyone has stopped speaking Gaelic!

This is also posted HERE.

This seems to be the episode that made even diehard Outlander fans admit the show has lost sight of the book. 551 more words

British History

Current Shananigans

So after well over a years break from making work (to have a baby… a different kind of creative work) I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things, and enjoying the more delicate & quick nature of water colour & pen… its good to be back.


“Less is more” is an adage that seems to have become something of a mantra in the R&B world of late.

Everything has been stripped back to the bare minimum and, with it, so has the emotional masks of the artists themselves (though, ironically, many of them do still try to cultivate an air of mystery about them, despite being so open emotionally). 158 more words


How Aidy got her groove back…

Yesterday I treated myself to a new tattoo. I’m totally in love with it and the whole experience was just awesome.

I arrived for my scheduled appointment and my poor artist was unwell the day before and therefore running late on drawing up my idea. 1,025 more words