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In case you're wondering if the river pathway is flooded:

It is.

I’d seen pictures on social media showing that the portion of the Monument Valley Pathway where it ducks under the 10th Street/Broadway bridge was under water. 231 more words

The Outdoors

Picture of the Week

In the summer of 2013, Tree Time Services surveyed cutblocks for Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries in the Logan River area north of Lac La Biche and found an artifact protruding out of exposed sediment along a previously constructed oil and gas access road. 372 more words


View from the overpass 7:21 a.m.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, of course, but the view from the Highway 26 overpass in northwest Scottsbluff this morning was amazing, with the thick bank of river fog tinted pinkish-orange from the rising sun and trees and buildings within the fog appearing more as suggestions than physical objects.


Interview with the umpire

Did I say umpire, I meant vampire, and by vampire I meant Doug.

Doug is sort of like a reverse vampire. Every other day or so his blood is sucked out of him*. 186 more words


Picture of the Week

Today’s picture comes from the Ahai Mneh site on the shores of Lake Wabamun, west of Edmonton, AB. This archaeological site has a long history of human occupation, from earliest hints of people in Alberta using Clovis technology, right up to the Late Precontact and Historic Periods. 58 more words



Acquisition Of Signal

Contacted Doug last night in Scottsbluff. Doug is in good spirits, all things considered. He is still … with good reason … pissed off. 84 more words


Long range scanner report …

One of our remote stations in the Pacific Northwest (Doug’s sister) reports:

Doug is at Golden Living Center (in ScottsBluff). Called this morning but he is in dialysis. 64 more words