SCOTUSblog: A fantastic resource

Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe are the married couple who have ran SCOTUSblog.com for 15 years. For those who don’t know, SCOTUS stands for Supreme Court of the United States, and interestingly enough the blog has more visitors than the government website for the Supreme Court. 269 more words

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February 27,2017: Packingham v. North Carolina

In just a few days, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Packingham v. North Carolina.

The case addresses whether or not sex offenders should be able to use websites like Facebook that extend membership to minors. 16 more words

Sex Offender Registry

President Trump, Please Stop Attacking The First Amendment of the Constitution That You Swore To Protect

Today at the CPAC convention the President of the United States made the following (outrageous) claim:

“Nobody loves it better than me.”

Unfortunately, when President Trump uses this kind of language, it is almost always followed by a bunch of statements antithetical to the protection of whatever he just claimed to love (it is like clockwork). 1,003 more words


Donald Trump's Televised SCOTUS Nom

Recently President Donald Trump decided to make his Supreme Court nomination public by presenting it on primetime television for the world to see. This usually takes place quietly during the middle of the day and we find out through various news sites, yet Trump being the master of self image made the most of the opportunity. 402 more words



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We, the People, DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW!!!!!!!! 9 more words

The Supreme Court Orders A New Hearing For A Texas Death Row Inmate Over Racial Bias By An Expert Witness

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that a Texas inmate can appeal his sentence after twenty years on death row. In 1995, Duane Buck was convicted of… 420 more words