Supreme Court Grants Trump Partial Victory in Ongoing Travel ban Controversy

July 20, 2017 by  Bob Adelmann

The terse two-paragraph Supreme Court order issued Wednesday was self-explanatory: President Donald Trump’s effort to ban immigrants from six countries was upheld, with modifications. 669 more words

The Legal Anomaly that Constitutes Corporate Personhood

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company is well-known as the Supreme Court case that established corporate personhood, the legal notion that a corporation, separate from its associated human beings, has some of the legal rights enjoyed by natural persons including Constitutional rights. 1,490 more words


Supreme Court allows Trump administration to enforce travel ban while case proceeds

Story at The Washington Examiner, image from abcnews.com.
ㅤ”The Supreme Court declined the Justice Department’s request for clarification on what ‘bona fide relationship’ means in their order on President Trump’s travel ban on June 26, but blocked a judge’s move to allow in refugees who are working with resettlement agencies.”

President Trump and America Win !!


Supreme Court: late-filed claims in Bankruptcy do not violate Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

I will not rend my garments over this “victory for the debt collectors” as one commentator put it. If only because, under the bankruptcy rules, the victory is pyrrhic. 849 more words


What Does the Recent SCOTUS Decision Mean for Same-Sex Couples?

If you are part of a same-sex couple you have likely been paying close attention to a case before the Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS. 58 more words

SCOTUS Puts Travel Ban Case Back in Hawaii’s Court, Gives Them Until July 18 to Respond

July 17, 2017  by  Warren Mass

In the latest round of judicial volleyball pertaining to President Trump’s March 6 executive order, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorists’ Entry Into the United States,” the Supreme Court has asked the State of Hawaii to respond by noon on July 18 to the Trump Justice Department’s appeal of Hawaii District Court Judge Derrick Watson’s July 13 ruling on the ban. 800 more words