This article was published in Mid-Day newspaper on Jul 2, 2015.

A viral image posted by popular Star Trek alumni, George Takei, pretty much sums it up. 1,527 more words

Gay Rights

Speaking truth in love vs. Judgement

Racism is wrong. Hate is wrong. Believing you are superior in anyway to someone else is wrong. That includes sexual orientation. But just because you are no better than someone else based on your life decisions, circumstances, emotions, etc, that doesn’t mean you cannot call out what is wrong in life.  667 more words

Life With Jesus

Concerning SCOTUS

So, to begin with, let’s begin by establishing that we’ll be talking about three rulings in this post, not just the homosexual marriage one.

1. The disparate impact ruling wasn’t covered much in the media due to the homosexual marriage ruling, but it was kind of important. 547 more words

Love Wins, But Who Wins Love?

NYC pride this year was handing out marriage licenses for free this year

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the recent ruling by the supreme court to legalize same-sex marriage. 662 more words


So You're Not an LGBTQ+ Supporter: A Rant

For the past few days, it has taken every ounce of me to work up the strength to log in to Facebook (I would normally just avoid it at all costs, but lately I’ve been logging on to help post on the “Class of ’19” page for my college so I can give the incoming freshmen some advice before they move in). 458 more words

Gay Marriage

Peace Be With You

There are a lot of people on this planet.

Each person has a will that is not yours.

Sometimes this will greatly conflicts with yours. 364 more words