On the Court, Data and Calling Out Lawmakers

Linda Greenhouse eloquently described the recent trend of courts beginning to question legislative intent for discriminating laws in The New York Times last week ( 208 more words


This Is One Of The Biggest Pending SCOTUS Cases You Haven’t Heard Of

Authored by  Kevin Daley, Legal Affairs Reporter / 08/23/2016

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When Travis Beckles surrendered his sawed-off shotgun to a Miami detective, he almost certainly didn’t expect to instigate a chain of events that could lead to major changes in the way federal agencies operate.

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A Lovely Fantasy

Lest we need another reason to vote for Hillary this fall (you know, in addition to her being really quite an excellent candidate who will make a wonderful president), let’s all allow ourselves to be reminded of the SCOTUS situation. 174 more words


Rumpled Debt

Straw into gold was gig Rumple played
Spinning day and night results did amaze
Could solve money problems; yes, it was so
Demanded fair exchange for pile of dough… 307 more words


Voter ID Updates

Since the wave of state and lower federal courts’ rulings that struck down Voter ID laws in Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin and many other states last month, both Texas and North Carolina have attempted to continue litigation in order to keep their laws on the books. 367 more words


Why the GOP Should #GoWithGarland, Take 2

New piece posted at The Huffington Post on the Garland nomination:

Why the GOP Should #GoWithGarland, Take 2 https://t.co/9mBbemg0o5 via @HuffPostBlog

— Jason P. Steed (@5thCircAppeals) August 17, 2016