Ginsburg's got guts

Just finished reading a wrap-up of news in a magazine that offers a passel of newsworthy stories in tightly written packages from many corners.

You get to hear folks ranging from CBS anchors to… 658 more words

Native Science

The Roundup: RNA World, Vitamin D, and SCOTUS

A Pathway to Life: The question of how life first arose on our world is mysterious and unsolved. But that doesn’t mean we have  348 more words

Mah Heart's Broke

Yes, Republicans can hang tough when they want to.

Here’s the latest missive from OFA:

Hillary Clinton vows to tackle Citizens United within her first 30 Days

Hillary Clinton announced that she plans to propose a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. She plans to do this within her first thirty days as President of the United States. 407 more words


The President's Op-Ed On Merrick Garland

Read President Obama's op-ed in the @WSJ on the need for Senate leaders to fill the #SCOTUS vacancy: ofa.bo/jAPj #DoYourJob

Barack Obama (@BarackObama) July 18, 2016

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How a recent Supreme Court ruling could lead to more DUIs

Experts say a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling could lead to an increased number of DUI convictions in the U.S., including among college-aged youth.

What was the case about? 852 more words


No guns for you!

(in the tone of the famous “Soup Nazi”)

No guns for you!

…especially if you’ve been found guilty of domestic violence.  Can I get a “yeahhhh” from the crowd?? 685 more words

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