The World Is Counting On You - A Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

Dear Honorable Justices,

I would hope you are aware that this decision is coming before you, and that the People do not request your action casually. 310 more words



We know that we are dealing with an election tainted by Russian interference. We know that scores of congresspersons have taken office under this tainted election and that we, as a country, are about to inaugurate an illegitimate president. 552 more words

SCOTUS-OTUS, What it Means

This blog is an experiment. First and foremost, its the goal of this blog to take a relatively objective look at the activities of SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of the United States. 293 more words


Supreme Court Asked To Settle Battle Over Courtroom Ban On Phones, Computers

For more than 35 years, states have been allowed to let cameras in the courtroom, but some courts have enacted full bans — not just on TV cameras and photographers but on all electronic devices, and at all times. 836 more words

Telecom & Technology

US Supreme Court hears special education case

On Wednesday, January 10, 2017, the US Supreme Court took up the case of Endrew F. v. Douglas County (Colorado) School District. At issue in the case is, “What level of service satisfies IDEA, other education law, and legal precedent?” 677 more words

Presuming Competence

January 12, 1932 - Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. Retires from the U.S. Supreme Court

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was born in Boston in 1841. He graduated from Harvard, served in the Civil War (wounded three times), and then returned to Harvard for law school. 1,266 more words

Book Review