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Pain, Mercy, and the Death Penalty

Should the death penalty involve pain or mercy?

Let’s say the anesthetic drug first administered to an inmate does not work.  He can feel.  The two subsequent injections make a person feel like he is burning alive from the inside.   616 more words


It Is So Ordered.

The Supreme Court issued a couple incredibly important decisions this week. First was the decision for King v. Burwell, or known as the Affordable Care Act case (ACA) and the second was  1,248 more words


SCOTUSBlog Live: June 26th

Good morning! It is Friday which, is amazing. I think real-time blogging about a live blog makes me some sort of weird super fan. However, it did make me sublimely happy yesterday so I am totally doing it again today as promised. 353 more words

LGBT Parenting

U.S. Supreme Court 2014-15 Term Winding Down

After this morning’s opinions, Texas Dept. of Housing v. Inclusive Communities and King v. Burwell, five decisions remain in this U.S. Supreme Court term. More decisions will be announced tomorrow and possibly Monday, among them… 239 more words

Lost In The Stacks (Reference)

Marriage Equality In All 50 States!

Marriage equality in all 50 states! Today is truly a momentous day. So many people have fought so hard for this to be a reality. And so many more suffered in silence under the weight of discrimination. 464 more words

Empire State College

Thursday, June 25th - SCOTUSBlog Live

I have decided to update my blog in real time in anticipation of the pending decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case. I will do this tomorrow and Monday if necessary as well. 524 more words


Monday Marriage Equality Watch

Monday morning I came into work and fired up my computer like I do any other day. But Monday mornings in June aren’t just like any other day. 722 more words

Empire State College