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A Step Back

Seeing as I haven’t blogged in a while, I realise that to come back with a text that is very different from my previous posts , is slightly… odd– to say the least– but I realise that this blog is primarily to keep my (half empty brain) engaged in something I enjoy. 212 more words


Discovering The Hidden Camp of Mundowi Trail

I was looking over my maps for new places to walk in my local area when I spotted two strange little symbols on a firetrail. The symbols usually meant artefact and in this region that more often than not meant aboriginal artefacts. 635 more words


Okay, I Lied, And I'm Not Really Sorry

This was our view Friday evening.

And here it was on Saturday morning.

Those pictures are a lie. Well, they represent me lying. I didn’t mean to, but I’m not really sorry I lied. 566 more words

Personal Development

Blogging on demand

I am having trouble writing about anything but yesterday’s St George’s Day Parade for my local Scout District.  I volunteer in the background of Scouting as a trustee and so have got to know some of the other trustees and leaders in the area.  346 more words


Two Wheelin' with Tommy

Tommy made MAJOR progress on his bike riding today.  His cub scout den had an outdoor party where everyone brought their bikes and helmets so they could earn their… 46 more words



As you all probably know, today on the 22nd of April we celebrate Earth day.
But this is not the only thing I celebrate today. 556 more words