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Some Lessons Learned, Order of the Arrow Weekend

I was nominated for the Scouting honor camping group Order of the Arrow (OA) a couple months ago. This past weekend, I was able to participate in the Ordeal Experience, which is an induction to the Order. 358 more words

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August Top 5 Products

The August holidays are coming to an end and to warm up for Gilwell Reunion 40 more words
Good To Know

Our scouts are heading to Great Tower Scout Activity Centre on summer camp today. We’re all very excited!

Keep up to date with what we’re up to via our Twitter feed.


21st August- Sailing 

So we took the yacht out…

I secretly love the fact that the location which comes up on the picture is “English Channel.”

It was a stunning day which looked Photoshopped even in reality. 20 more words

Daily Photo

20th August - Beginning of the end 

Getting there… But frustratingly seem to have lost a few badges including Chillian and Spanish IST.

More upsetting than it should be.

The dog had a ridiculous amount of joy just watching the sheep, not barking nor chasing just watching.

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19th August - Open water

Went out on the day sailor and it was awesome.

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