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Jordan Cundiff

The experience of walking into the SCP Recording Studio once again made me proud to live in Danville.  The fact that there is so much support and opportunity to our local musicians never ceases to amaze me. 748 more words

SCP 002: The Living Room

SCP: Episode 1 – The Living Room

SCP has located a room with fleshy walls, unknown furniture, and objects appearing when people enter the room….What is it? 25 more words

Fence around the SCP Duck Pond: Cash Purchases, Land Improvements, Depreciation

I promised anomalous accounting with this blog, so let’s do this. SCP-765 is not anomalous at all! It’s just a duck pond with mind-affecting properties. The SCP is located on “Site-88.” Since this site is missing from the list of secure facilities, the simplest assumption is that the Foundation purchased the land on which the pond was located and gave it a Site designation. 569 more words


Wat wil de politiek eigenlijk? Alleen eigen kretologie blijven rondbazuinen of toch iets meer dan dat? @fd #onderzoekimplementatie? #burgersdebatstimuleren @SCP

Politiek kan beschikbare kennis beter gebruiken (Kim Putters, Opinie & Dialoog/fd, 6 januari)

# De politiek moet de beschikbare kennis echter wel zelf willen gebruiken. Het debat over de (hoofd)rol van economische statistieken en de roep om een cijfer voor ‘brede welvaart’ is exemplarisch. 563 more words

Den Haag

vCenter Server Appliance & WinSCP

The other day I had to pull off the SSL certs for the vCSA and I was struggling to connect to the appliance even after enabling SSH and Bash shell access from within the VAMI. 88 more words


Deployment automation from windows to the linux server

My project is written in java and need to be deployed to a tomcat server on the linux system and each time I must:

  1. build the java project with maven…
  2. 370 more words

SC0-502 Exam Questions - SCP

Embarking on the Career of Your Dream

Being a certified professional is a matter of procedure in today’s world. The first step is to knowing the career of your dreams; the second is to embark on a certification exam that will help achieve your goals by verifying that you are well-versed in your field. 809 more words