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Must have free tools for DBAs

This is not news to most DBAs, but I’ll list my favorite free tools anyway. Assuming you are using Windows on your laptop, here is a list of free tools that I really enjoy and personally consider a “must have” tool to administer my databases and servers.



Secure Shell (ssh)

One of the most commonly tool required for system administration, is often the ability to do a remote access. By remote access, it means the ability to connect to machine that may be geographically miles away. 1,032 more words


scp: ambiguous target

Hi all,

Today, I encountered an error while transferring files to remote system via SSH.

$ scp myapp.tar.gz root@\ collection
scp: ambiguous target

So, I tried to find whats the problem and how to solve it. 67 more words


Raspberry Pi for Theater

Raspberry Pi: Live @ The Brick Box

I was helping with a Theater production at the Brick Box here in Rutland, Vermont. I was in charge of running the lights and sound, but the only sound they needed for the show was a telephone ring. 675 more words

Online Training

Managing All Those Environment URLs

A few years ago I started a project with a new customer. When I was granted access to their DEV, QA, and PROD environments I was given a bookmark file that contained all of the URLs I would need to manage and administer their systems (for example: DA, Webtop, and various D2 applications).  466 more words


Panel Discussion on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Post-2015 Agenda

Mr. Hoballah introduced the importance of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the post-2015 development agenda. Mr. Patriota explained that sustainable development requires transforming consumption and production patterns. 466 more words