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Using SNMP to download running-configuration from Cisco router via SCP

We know that SNMP can be used for many tasks apart from monitoring. One of them is to download configuration from the networking device. For this purpose we use SNMP SET commands to set the required variables on the router and then trigger the download. 410 more words


To copy a large number of files, or have large files over Linux system (scp/rsync/nc/tar over ssh) | scp alternatives

To copy/send large number of files or to copy/send large files in Linux below are sample method that we can send over other linux server. 318 more words


Mar 25

Almocei com os pais.

Joguei Night in the Woods, SCP, Overwatch.

Vi Dota 2 e Overwatch.

Fui no Mada e vi as Alines, NaillĂȘ. Bebi.

Dota 2

recommendations so an SCP for a horror story? (Also an "it follows" rant)

so im looking for an SCP that would make a good horror movie/ book killer. the SCP has to follow a few rules so as not to make it to boring or strong… 425 more words


Putty for Mac 9.0.0 status

We are now in the process of upgrading PuTTY for Mac to version 9.0.0 and we believe this will be the greatest release to date! If you made a purchase in the past three months we will send you a upgrade link once 9.0 is released. 385 more words


PuTTY++ 0.70.1 has been released

Wine Reviews released Putty++ 0.70.1 for Microsoft Windows today.

About PuTTY++

PuTTY++ is a telnet and SSH client for Windows and UNIX. It supports several network protocols, including SCP, SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw socket connection. 80 more words


2. SCP: Secret Laboratory Rambling

This is actually fucking cool – Frisky

I have been playing SCP: Secret Laboratory for some time now, and i have decided to make a “review” of it.

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