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Password less SSH and SCP

Most of the time while working with networked systems we need SSH and SCP to remotely access data in remote systems. While automating them it may be necessary to have a password free SCP as it is required every time you push a file from remote to local machine or vice versa. 21 more words


[Recommended] SCP Command

Source: Secure copy Wikipedia

Secure copy or SCP is a means of securely transferring computer files between a local host and a remote host or between two remote hosts.

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How to upload upgrade file to Storwize v3700

I’ve had a difficult time of uploading upgrade files to Storwize as it doesn’t fully support scp only pscp and it uses rbash so it limits the functionality. 33 more words

Creepy Countdown: Secure, Contain, Protect

That’s it! No more creepiness, no more weirdness. All the spooky, anomalous stuff around here is going to be sequestered away and locked up in the name of public safety by a Secretive Creepy Person. 1,814 more words


Hallowe'ek Horror 2015: Horror Games Suitable For A Marathon

With Hallowe’en this coming Saturday normal people the world over are compiling their 3 or 4 horror movies they are going to watch on the night – we are not normal people, we are better, we are gamers! 804 more words


Writing Prompt Wednesday! Hidden Agendas

Today’s writing prompt is borrowed from S. Page Reiring. Here it is:

Character A and Character B are best friends. A is hiding something from B that would allow B to complete their goal.

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Un-styled Reveal: Our Reception Rooms

I’ve been wanting to write this post for weeks, but kept finding reasons to wait. I was holding out for the perfect ‘after’ shot, but our furniture hadn’t arrived, and we hadn’t put art up. 760 more words