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Deploying VVols on NTAP

Even before the release of vSphere 6, the hype for VVols has been in the upswing, and for a good reason. VVols allow for a granular management of VM objects within one or more datastores based on policies. 1,067 more words


Setting up an SSH Key so you can ssh / scp / rsync / etc. over a terminal without a password

This is a simple guide on how to quickly get it going, mainly for my own benefit as I always end up having to look up how it’s done again. 460 more words


Malicious Myths: The Wendigo

When it comes to nightmare fuel, not many creatures outrank the wendigo. It’s a demonic half-beast from Algonquian legend and, if that’s not enough to ward you off, it has an insatiable appetite for… 1,467 more words


Piccolo Fiore

Just a couple of photos I wanted to share while we wait for the full bloom of Spring!


The King Ordered It: The Beginning of the End of 'Mad Men' ('Time & Life')

A woman is served a drink on an airplane. The magical concoction in her hand transforms the aircraft into a flying, hallucinatory soiree with live music and dogs so pretty that even the prettiest boys look awkward and miscast. 1,947 more words