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Scrabble on my mind

I started playing Scrabble with a group of people a few months ago. This is unusual on a couple fronts. I’m not a big joiner… 486 more words

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Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Day Board Games.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without playing games and activities; I just love all the fun and laughter that comes with it.

Here is a list of all my favourite games that I love to play on Christmas Day: 458 more words


Scrabble as a Game Changer in the Writing Classroom

In October, after I read Jonathan Kay’s Wall Street Journal review “Scrabble is a Lousy Game,” I meditated on his criticism of Scrabble as a word game that deemphasizes semantics. 1,126 more words


The End of my 2018 New Year's "resolutions"

I wrapped up my kinda-sorta-new-years-resolutions at the end of October, two months before year’s end. My goals weren’t overly ambitious but simple and to-the-point: 1) to read twenty books 2) to make ten new recipes and 3) to make ten visits to the local lake/park. 854 more words


The Scrabble Game 2

‘Twas a certain day that Dad, bro, and I

Played a Scrabble game for fun.

‘Tis a game of chance; loser, spare your cry,

For when the game is all done. 122 more words

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I have an ounce of self control

for every pound of desire

and it gets pulled around like

a big man’s too-small blanky


i tread upon the… 38 more words