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I dream of djinni.

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Computer Scrabble cheats.
Not every version… the one that’s downloaded on my phone is somewhat reliable… but the one that’s on my laptop is devious and nasty and determined never to award me the 1600 point rating I’ve been trying so hard to earn. 575 more words

NAPOWRIMO Day 16: NOTHING is 11 in Scrabble

NAPOWRIMO Day 16: NOTHING is 11 in Scrabble

The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary,
To my JO (sweetheart) inscribed inside.

Dog-eared at all the well-loved words; 160 more words


Mashable: 'Scrabble' is getting 300 new words this fall

Mashable: ‘Scrabble’ is getting 300 new words this fall. “It’s time to throw away your outdated dictionary and dust off those tiles, baby, because Scrabble is getting some new words. 33 more words

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I’ve never been cool,

And I never will.

I wouldn’t even know where to start.

My clothes are not chic,

It’s often been said,

But I don’t ever take it to heart. 97 more words


6 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Scrabble Game | Scrabble Day

I know most of us have tried playing scrabble. We sometimes win, we sometimes lose. But nothing beats the experience of having a bonding with your friends. 588 more words


Can You Spell

Today is National Scrabble Day. I have a pretty good handle on the American language and most of the time can spell a word correctly, but winning at Scrabble has never been one of my strong suits. 307 more words


April 13th: Scrabble day

As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with playing Scrabble. I love board games but when I was younger, I couldn’t always see words with more than 3 letters which would infuriate my family as much as it annoyed me when I “closed up the board”. 199 more words

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