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Scrambled Eggs With Cheese, Scallions & Pleasant Childhood Memories

I absolutely love a kitchen that’s all pretty from the point of being freshly painted to a new set of dish towels and matching dish cloths, curtains, tablecloths, glassware, silverware and all the things that make a kitchen feel homey, special, inviting and a fun place to be in since a good amount of time is spent in there anyway. 420 more words

Hearty Egg Scramble (Recipe)

You know that age old question – which came first, the chicken or the egg? We may never know, but what I do know is that eggs are delicious! 277 more words


My American-style scrambled eggs

Here’s a 5-minute YouTube video on how to make 3 types of scrambled eggs (British / French / American). Following similar steps, here’s what my homemade American-style eggs look like: 78 more words


Muffin Tin Eggs

I am sure you have seen these eggs baked in muffin tins on the internet, too, just like the Caprese Bites.  And just like that yummy appetizer I thought I could do this without looking at a recipe.  469 more words


Scrambled Banana Eggs

This recipe was the result of a kitchen experiment due to the lack of a non-stick frying pan. I had been planning to make banana egg pancakes but only had a saucepan, so it ended up as scrambled eggs. 117 more words


Toaster Oven Scrambled Eggs

Don’t want to turn on your huge oven for a single serving of eggs? Then make them in your toaster oven! I like to make them in ramekins, but any small, oven safe dish will do. 79 more words

Multi-veggie Scrambled eggs for breakfast?

It is normal to go through the week with just a quick slice of bread and some spread for breakfast or other breakfast cereals. When it comes to weekends (especially Saturdays) and holidays; It’s usually the time to go out of the ordinary bread/cereal routine and give yourself/family a treat.   140 more words

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