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And it was all yellowww 🍳

So we made a beautiful egg-bake this morning andddddd it sucked so I’ll be showing my no fail scrambled egg technique. The breakfast bake we made was like so blah and because the eggs had to be scrambled before and then baked for half an hour in the pastry it just turn my perfect eggs into weird rubbery things. 234 more words

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Scrambled Eggs and...

Before you go off on me with ‘Come on Will, I was planning on coming here for recipes and you’re posting scrambled eggs?’ hear me out. 401 more words

20 Minute Prep

Five Things Friday 9.23.16

There’s this funny thing that’s been happening over the last few weeks. Every Thursday night as I’m sitting in front of my computer, I start to feel really accomplished when I complete all of my internet chores. 552 more words

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Quick Tip: Make Fluffier Eggs

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In this video I discuss how to get fluffier scrambled eggs.  All you have to do is add about 1 tablespoon of club soda per egg and scramble it into the eggs.   143 more words


Buffalo Steak, Scrambled Eggs, and Hash Browns

Today’s Menu: Buffalo Steak, Scrambled Eggs, and Hash Browns

For Breakfast this morning I made a bowl of Kroger Brand Instant Grits (Butter Flavor) and toasted a couple of slices… 730 more words


Breakfast for dinner - 9/18/16

I had chicken shish at a local Middle Eastern restaurant today for lunch. We decided to call that our main meal of the day and made breakfast for dinner. 89 more words


Scrambled Eggs & Mushrooms - Tasty, Healthy Brunch

This week  typifies our British obsession with weather. We had the hottest September day since 1911 at 34.5C (94F), sunshine, thunderstorms, lightening,  a month’s rain in 24 hours, floods, hailstones, and by the end of the week back to more typical weather for Autumn. 184 more words

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