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Scrambled Eggs As An Esoteric Art Form

Scrambled eggs come in many manifestations.

There are the rather tough, multi-colored combination of tan, brown, yellow, orange scrambled eggs that pop off the grills at some independently-owned Mom and Pop eating establishments that cannot really afford to hire a chef —– 843 more words


Morning after Tacos, Scramble

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a plea to make breakfast intentionally.  We had friends over for tacos last night, and I made too much of the good stuff.  75 more words


Southwestern Scrambled Eggs

A quick & easy recipe that will teleport you to the Rio Grande and have you dining like a true outlaw! OK, actually its just a simple meal with a good protein boost. 25 more words


Make Better Scrambled Eggs (plus a haiku!) #NaHaiWriMo

Some things are universal.

Like the pursuit of fluffiness in scrambled eggs.

A recent story in the Extra Crispy blog / newsletter shares a simple approach for making this most ubiquitous of breakfast foods a “billion times better”. 94 more words

მაჭკატები საუზმეზე "ხურმაში"

დღეს კიდევ ერთ სასაუზმე ადგილზე ვისაუბრებთ. ხურმა – ასეთი მოკლე და კონკრეტული სახელი ჰქვია კაფეს, რომელიც მელიქიშვილზე მდებარეობს. ამჯერად არა ბრანჩზე, არამედ საუზმეზე შევიკრიბეთ (შაბათი დღისთვის 11 საათზე საუზმე საკმაოდ ადრეულია).