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Make Fluffier Scrambled Eggs With a Little Seltzer Water

I’ll skip the thick, flat, dense eggs, thank you very much. Instead my favorite scrambled eggs involve a plate piled high with large, soft yellow curds that spring back with the lightest touch and practically melt in my mouth; the kind of eggs that are fluffy and almost cloud-like.

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Tips And Tricks

That's Not a Sausage

For almost 9 years I have been debating with my dear American friends about what constitutes a sausage.

The definition, according to Google is “a food usually made from ground meat, often pork, beef or veal, along with salt, spices and breadcrumbs, with a skin around it.” 282 more words

Unscrambling a mystery after all these years

Sometimes things that are easy to cook turn out to be not so.

Take scrambled eggs. Millions of people manage to cook scrambled eggs every day without a problem. 712 more words

Just Fun

Pesto Egg and Veggie Pockets

Using some end of the week vegetables; an onion, a yellow pepper and some mushrooms, leftover whole wheat pita pockets from the chicken souvlaki recipe and eggs, I put together an easy, portable breakfast pocket. 135 more words

Break The Fast

Kickstart Breakfast

What do I eat for breakfast? Is this a question you ask yourself too just like I do every morning. If yes, then I am sure you would have scanned through the internet and come across numerous quick fix breakfast recipes too. 667 more words

Simple Experiences

A shared love of cooking

Week 2: Scrambled eggs on toasted croissants with bacon and provolone cheese

I’m still working on how this blog will evolve but for now I will write about the more meaningful/ fun days in my week. 300 more words