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3 different ways to cook scrambled eggs

Eggs- so versatile, so yummy. There are over a dozen different ways to cook eggs, from soft-boiled, to sunny side-up or poached, devilled or steamed, to scrambled. 287 more words

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Cooking with Eggs

When you think of an egg there are many different variations to the cooking process depending on how you like to enjoy eating them. Even though most people consume eggs as part of their wholesome breakfast dish accompanied by bacon, eggs can be eaten as a snack, apart of lunch, with dinner or as a side serve amongst a piece of meat or vegetables. 245 more words


Scrambled Eggs in 15 seconds

It’s Day 2 of my Pseudo- Atkins diet (I’m calling it Pseudo because I’m just forgoing obvious carbohydrates like bread, rice and noodles and I’m still eating my fruits because I can’t live without them). 266 more words


Silver Threads Among The Gold

There’s a sweet, old, love song called Silver Threads Among The Gold, that talks about growing old.  I prefer to think of these lyrics as new friends are silver threads and old friends are the gold threads.   1,190 more words

Bacon and Fontina Breakfast Bruschetta

I have a mildly weird obsession with breakfast. A lot of nights I fall asleep thinking about breakfast the next day. Here’s a easy and fairly quick recipe for an instagram-worth hot breakfast. 261 more words


The Z. Rayne Show Episode 3

Z. Rayne is back and this time she’s making scrambled eggs! Take a peek and make sure to leave a comment either here or there… 7 more words


Pepperoni and Cheese Scrambled Eggs

Prep time: 8 min

Cook time: 7 min

Yield: 2 to 4 servings

Level: Easy 157 more words