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Scrappers - More Dog Faced Crew And Another Salute Statue

Another couple of items picked up at Salute, actually the first items I bought that day, are a pair of futuristic dogs from Hasslefree.  They got put together recently when I was doing about 3 or 4 other small jobs at the same time in the shed. 186 more words


The Journey Begins

Fellow reader.

I don’t know how you found my blog, but I hope you find at least some post useful. I’m currently looking into web scrappers. 115 more words



I’ve known a few scrappers over time – people who collect recyclable items out of personal need or to augment their income.

They provide a worthy service in a society where disposable has come to be seen as an asset.

Battle Report - Scrappers - EP 01 - Palladium Athena vs. Freelancers

After a crushing defeat by the synth forces of Athena, the Ace Freelie Recovery Agency has heard tell of a rich find of tech in a former urban center. 23 more words

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Undercoating And Getting Back On Track (Score So Far +1)

As these were put together last week, before my man-flu, they were ready for undercoating as soon as I could warm up a space (and a can of spray). 327 more words


The New Year Plan - Wandering Off Plan Again (Score So Far 0)

I obviously need to wear blinkers in the shed.

While looking out the Boiler Suite Minions from the little stack of drawers at the back of the shed I found myself having to sort my way past other neglected projects that I had almost forgotten about.  251 more words


The New Year Plan - Progress Report - Boiler Suited Minions (Score So Far +1)

After three posts I have managed to get back to -1 for the tally of keeping to the New Year Plan, but I suspect I may be able to get out of this rut with the next couple of posts. 252 more words