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Scrap a van for cash!!!£$£$

Is there an old, unused retired van sitting in your garage taking up space, or how about a MOT that is not up to date or even if the van is just in shit condition all together.Then why don’t you bring your van down to Metro salvage scrappers where you can trade your out of shape,not in trend and all round piece of junk for a decent amount of money. 321 more words

New Rogue Stars/ Scrappers Crew

As the weather outside is less than perfect for undercoating, and as I haven’t been motivated to paint any of my prepped miniatures, I have been basing and cleaning up these lads. 198 more words


Pruth Campaign Skirmish Action in 6mm using Pikeman's Lament - Part 1: The planning and the buying & some other stuff

 Long blog update this time, here is a summary:

  • Pikeman’s Lament in 6mm – Planning and Buying Stage
  • Another batch for the Towards Moscow Project from Marching in Colour…
  • 1,506 more words

Kalisz 1706 at Salute 2017 - The Show

Nick and I had a fantastic day at the Salute Show and my thanks also goes to Rob and Laurent who provided some priceless support in helping out before, during and after the Show. 852 more words


Kalisz 1706 at Salute 2017 - Part 4 ready for the Show and some Scrap for Scrappers

This is the 50th blog post since we started last year following Salute 2016 (here is a link to the very first post) – no big parties lined up or memorial statues being carved but there is a certain level of satisfaction involved – I am celebrating the occasion rolling a few ones and having a few crafty beers. 816 more words


Kalisz 1706 at Salute 2017 – Battleboards and the Swedes, Tanks and Mutant 1984

Long weekend of Rugby with the annual ‘long distance’ tournament with the Little Ones – this year held in Bournemouth.  The Little One had a blast and made us proud as always. 403 more words


Mid-Life Crisis or another diversion? - Mutant 1984 with Ospreys Scrappers - Part 1

Mutant – a nostalgic flashback

When I was 12 my cousin came by for a visit and he told me about this new thing, at least as far as I was concerned, called role-playing and a game called Mutant – one of the few Swedish roleplaying games on the market at that time.  1,683 more words