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The New Year Plan - Progress Report - Boiler Suited Minions (Score So Far +1)

After three posts I have managed to get back to -1 for the tally of keeping to the New Year Plan, but I suspect I may be able to get out of this rut with the next couple of posts. 252 more words


Let's Play! - Scrappers by Osprey Games

It’s time for a high-SciFi post apocalypse in the vein of Destiny; Scrappers.

Greg and I take our crews out to the Omega Zone to salvage the technical wonders of the ancients in a world destroyed by Rogue AI. 15 more words

Guerrilla Miniature Games

Project 2018...

A large box was dropped off just before Xmas by a friend.  Said box contained what he described as ‘A project for 2018’!

Said project is likely to be attempted in 2018, but if I decide to go into as much depth as he has done on… 87 more words


Random Miniatures

These two came out of a bits box at a recent show.

I thought they would be useful in Rogue Stars and Scrappers.

No idea who made them, but they are okay and only got very quick paint jobs.



Another cool model from CP Miniatures is this large bruiser type thug, another useful model for Rogue Stars and Scrappers.


He Is Blue

This is a nice figures from CP Miniatures with a rather impressive gun that can be pretty well profiled up as just about anything.

I decided on blue skin as I really don’t have many models that have blue skin. 7 more words


Scrappers - Rounding Off The Crew And Some Truly Dodgy Painting

So after a very satisfying win in our first game, I was all a flush with points to spend after the campaign stage of the game.  311 more words