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Bits and Pieces

I haven’t posted so far this week because my quilting time has been eaten up by making a bag to teach next term. I’ve broken the back of the quilting, I think (and made my shoulders sore in the process – ahhh, for a massage!), and now I have to get round to making the handles then putting it all together. 245 more words

30 Festive Fabric Scrap Frolics [round-up]

I have been sewing up a lot of muslins and samples lately, and I have found my stockpile of scraps building to new heights. So I checked out my favourite go-to for inspiration on such things, Pinterest, and came up with a list of my top festive season scrap busting projects. 272 more words


The War on Memes

I believe that I have just about reached the point of saturation when it comes to memes – specifically memes that show up in the form of an image, video or piece of text that is copied and then spread rapidly by social media users.  323 more words



The problem with a new project is that there is always something left when it’s finished! The remnants of various colours hang around looking untidy, but also shouting out to be used. 44 more words


Part 4: Simple Piecing that looks Harder

As promised, the final, brief, installment of “What I did on my Summer Vacation”.  Playing with piecing that was easier than it looked. Some of these pictures have been used before, and some of the projects may be from before the Summer. 513 more words


Scraps: Fur Will Fly Ch. 1

Author’s Note: This story was an idea I’ve had for years but only started working on earlier this year. It’s my attempt at a furry story, so be warned if that stuff bothers you. 1,129 more words