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Guide: Simple Barbed Wire Obstacles

One of the most common sights on any battlefield from the beginning of the Twentieth century to today is the barbed wire obstacle. These can come in many forms, from a simple low wire entanglement designed to slow dismounted movement, to the large and complex concertina wire obstacles of recent years. 834 more words


Scratch Built Robots

Internet distraction disorder can be a real hindrance to getting anything worthwhile done. Just occasionally though the random tangents can lead to something truly interesting. 908 more words

The Managers house

For my Infinity project I have been trying to get

the feel and atmosphere to a certain whaling station

called Leith in the South Atlantic. I have micro zoomed… 158 more words


Scratch Built Hovel

Many years ago I built enough 28mm buildings to make a small hamlet. It comprised several multi storey houses, a large inn, a barn/workshop and stables. 871 more words

Bergepanzer III

I have wanted to make a Berge Panzer for some

time and decided on a Panzer III. Why a Panzer III,

well I had a spare FOW Panzer III that never got… 109 more words


Project : Normandy terrain boards stage 10...the end ?

I`m done until I build some more boards and yes

I hear you all groaning… not more boards !!!!

No my next project will be some… 246 more words


Track Conversion

The layout I inherited from my grandfather was done with Kato Unitrack.  I knew I would eventually convert it to something more realistic.  I’ve liked working with Atlas brand track, and its easy to get a hold of, so it was my natural first choice.  136 more words