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Epic : Armageddon - Scratching the Leviathan

Before presenting the final results, I wanted to share some pics, revealing more details of how I actually scratched the two Leviathan models, putting an old style Leman Russ aside for size comparison. 190 more words

Terrain: Bases for Lasercut MDF Buildings

To spice up my lasercut MDF buildings, of which I have many from a variety of manufacturers (Sarissa, 4Ground, Warbases), I decided to mount them on large bases. 161 more words


Guide: Simple Smokescreen Markers

Smoke is an oft underused tactical tool in wargames, especially so in Bolt Action. Useful for covering an advance, or obscuring friendly forces while breaking contact in a withdrawal, smokescreens can be an effective method of breaking up large open areas. 826 more words


Guest Build: '92 Honda RVF 750 TT-F1 Spencer Mister Donuts

Natsu, from Japan is a very talented builder, it’s not the first time I show one of his build, and he often build from scratch to have rare racers we can’t find (yet?) on the market. 69 more words

Guest Builds

Terrain: Bronze Patina Napoleon Statue with Flowerbed

The flower beds would serve to be a significant challenge to me, but I was in luck as my wife happened to be discarding a bouquet of flowers she had received and thus gave me some inspiration: baby’s breath. 697 more words


Conversion: Warlord Games T34/85 with Bedspring Armour

The T34/85 is a vehicle ubiquitous with the later portion of the Eastern Front, and photographs of the vehicle with improvised spaced armour are common. This took the form of mesh frames welded to the large flat surfaces of the vehicle as a desperate attempt to mitigate the omnipresent panzerfaust threat. 463 more words


Whimsical Ramblings: Refinished Miniature Display Cabinet

Every good miniature collection needs a suitable way to display it. I chose to refinish an old dining room china hutch into a display cabinet, complete with glass shelves and integral lighting. 262 more words

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