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Schooner, part III

Got a bit enticed with the schooner for a while (there is a chance she’ll be sailing before strong winds and winter ice). Masts are standing and spars are done. 316 more words


Airfix 1/48th Land Rover WMIK civvy conversion completed

Finally finished this after many months of working on it, doing the odd hour or two every now and then. While it looks on the face of it to be a rather poorly built standard kit, it is actually heavily modified from an Airfix 1/48th scale British Army WMIK Land Rover and virtually all the bodywork is either modified or scratch built. 533 more words

Land Rover

Schooner progress, part II

I found some time to create some additional components for the improvised schooner – and once again I thought that woodworking lathe & mill would be most useful. 365 more words


Reading for the Weekend - Rigging

Incidentally I can foresee this book taking visit to a daylight again. Rigging period fore-and-aft craft by Lennarth Peterson is a book that focuses solely – as name implies – in rigging of fore-and-aft craft. 187 more words


Something completely different

My daughter likes sailing ships. A lot.

One day I promised to make her a ship when playing with a boat made of bark. Of course she did not forget and next two weeks I heard questions about the ship. 237 more words


The Paint Pain: more scenery

The last week mostly saw me building and/or painting more scenery than miniatures. A bunch of miniature pictures will follow hopefully this or next week. 97 more words


Scratch built Frostgrave ruins

I originally had plans to make my Frostgrave scenery a mix of both complete and ruined buildings. In the end I decided against this and concentrated on ruins. 846 more words