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Braised Pork Shoulder

This is the best way to spend an evening off. Turn up the music, bust out the knives, chop, and chill out. I love it. I used just two pounds of pork shoulder here (most recipes call for 3-4), which is why the cook time in this recipe is less than most others you’ll see. 242 more words


Teddy Bear Cookies

These are a family favorite for at least three generations.


2 cups brown sugar

1-cup lard

3 eggs

5 tablespoons cold water

2 teaspoons baking soda… 53 more words

The Culture of Family

My definition of comfort food is “My favorite foods from early childhood”. More often that not they are recipes that were primarily enjoyed at home, unique recipes that were distinctively ours. 266 more words

Fried Pies

If you are over 25 years old you have probably not experienced a McDonald’s fried apple pie. Back in the good old days when people didn’t think a lot about transfats, McDonald’s served a deep fried apple pie that was so delicious that burning your tongue was almost inevitable. 256 more words

Clean, Local Food

Donald had a happy childhood. From his earliest memories life in the snug little home with his brothers and sisters was peaceful, idyllic. With no responsibilities, Donald was free to pursue his own interests for one placid day after another. 259 more words

Cooking Tips

Some people cook with precision, following a recipe carefully. Others are more spontaneous, freely adapting the recipe to suit the available ingredients or current cravings; at other times recklessly abandoning the recipe entirely and diving into uncharted water. 234 more words

Home Cooking

The Inconvenience of Avoiding Convenience Food

Food Allergies | Autoimmune Disease | Fast Food | Convenience Food | Lifestyles

From the very beginning, I knew that writing about eating real food – let alone convincing… 2,301 more words

Autoimmune Disease