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My First Baguette. You Can Do It, Too.

I had always believed you couldn’t not make authentic French bread in a home oven, but boy was I wrong.  I learned the simple truck of making that wonderful crusty bread from Julia Child.   16 more words

Italian Bread: Easy Peasy, No Mixer Needed.

If you are new to baking bread, this is a great recipe to learn on.  The steps are simple and no mixer is required.

Cooking From Scratch: Buttery, Flaky Crescent Rolls. Ditch the Tube

Doesn’t everyone love crescent rolls?  I think so.  You can make better crescent rolls than you get in the tube.  Please watch and share.  Thank you.

Cooking From Scratch: Homemade Old Time Scrapple

Scrapple, or panhas, Is an Amish, or Pennsylvania Dutch pork product made with spices and corn meal, fried crispy and served with applesauce, apple butter or maple syrup. 18 more words

Cooking From Scratch: Home Made Bologna.

Did you know you can make great bologna at home with just a few ingredients? Kind of messy but oh so good.
Please watch and share. Makes me happy.

Cooking From Scratch: Amish Onion Patties

On Mondays, I cook supper for my Mother. I always try to make one new, special thing. This Monday, it was these scrumptious Amish Onion Patties. 101 more words

Cooking From Scratch: Fried Corn Meal Mush, or Polenta if You Insist

My friend on Facebook, Patricia Gordon turned me on to this recipe, and I am so glad she did. Fried Corn Meal Mush, also known as Polenta, was a staple “poor people’s food” in many cultures. 100 more words