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Home made and hand made

I’ve wanted a good food processor for awhile now because I’m such a foodie and I love to experiment in my kitchen. I used £40 of Christmas money to purchase a Kenwood Compact that does everything I dreamt of and more. 321 more words

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Ellen's Easy Wheat Bread: Scrumptious Yeast Bread in an Hour

My friend Ellen is an accomplished baker, and this is her go to recipe for her family’s bread. I am so glad she allowed me to make this for you. 85 more words

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Store-bought english muffins do not compare to these homemade whole wheat ones! They are simple to make and use ingredients that I always have at hand. 377 more words

Scratch Cooking

Golden Potato Soup, Starring My Grandson, Jacob

This soup is a little different than the potato soup you are used to, the ingredients make it golden, and the flavor is rich and hearty, perfect for a cold, winter day. 44 more words

Fluffy White Bread: Where I Stumble and Bumble My Way Through Making The Perfect Loaf of Bread

I truly am a bread making novice, but I decided that this is the year I master yeast bread. Join me as I learn this ancient art. 70 more words

Apple Butter in the Instant Pot

We have a farm near us here that sells 40b boxes of apples for $10 every Friday, so I have been busy making apple pies, apple sauce, and now apple butter. 419 more words

Scratch Cooking

Trello For Meal Planning and Prepping

How do you keep track of your food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities? How do you track your Elimination/Provocation schedule? Do you have a way to systematically think about rotating in a new recipe, and getting the ingredients on your grocery shopping list earlier in the week so that you’re not caught making multiple trips to the store? 1,027 more words