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Monday Musings: Fender Benders on the Road of Life

A couple weeks ago, I decided to stop by my local Target after work. I wasn’t shopping for anything in particular; that’s a lie: I was shopping specifically for ice cream, which makes this story all the more sad. 1,052 more words

Monday Musings

Odds and Ends

This week has sort of been all over the place, on the equine front.  Monday it was super hot and sticky, and we’d done the Jumpapalooza the day before, so I just went out to the barn and groomed and bathed, and did some work on scratches cleaning/removal, and cleaned my tack.  690 more words

11 March 2015

I find many men in our dangerous age who seem to be in love with misery and death, and who grow angry when hopes are suggested to them…

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Building towers

Building towers can be pretty fun,

Building blocks or parts of a gun.

If your parts are slippery or small,

The parts and the whole have a good chance to fall. 160 more words

Rhyming Story

On Love, probably

Lately, I wonder why this thing—this idea—called friendship feels so hollow, as if there’s something unromantic and hideous in-between every letter that spells out the word. 327 more words


Grieving Pains

Just recently, bumps, scratches and bruises have mysteriously appeared all over my body.

A quick inventory: On my left forearm I have an deep yellow, inch-and-a-half-long bruise. 395 more words


A short story behind the broken picture

Błądzę dziś.
Od jednego końca w drugi – bo przecież lepiej nie mówić nic, niż powiedzieć tylko po to, żeby zranić.

Później mówię do siebie, że to taki proces. 184 more words