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The Sun Wreaks Havoc on Car Paint (and more)

Malaysia is hot, so are most places in the summer.  What happens to your car and your car paint in this heat?  Many think you can fry an egg on your car on a hot day.   1,041 more words

Car Coating

Hold me close

Love is hurt, Love is beauty
Recalling all the words you said to me
Floating on the air
Seeping through my veins

Never I imagine you being with me… 35 more words



I’ve gotten the spring cleaning bug or something because I feel like all I’ve been doing are home-y type projects. Today I reorganized the bedroom. I won’t share photos of that because there’s still a very loong way to go there, but I WILL share some about this amazing miracle thing I learned. 312 more words


Beast Inside

Howling like a beast
Creating mess in every wake of his feet
Menacing, terrifying

Nobel is something he wants
Getting acknowledged, valued
As things got turned upside down… 46 more words


Corner News-April 23, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Corner News! We have some very exciting news to present from this week!

Beware, this may be slightly gruesome…sorry. 159 more words

Corner News

Learning to Love the Scratches

Today as I was leaving the library I offered to drive a friend back to her apartment. As she was getting in my car, she noticed some scratches on my passenger side door. 516 more words

Mark my body, please…

I love seeing marks left on my body by loved ones. Knowing others who don’t like when they happens to them, I’ve wondered why. Is it the sight of them specifically? 29 more words