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throwing thrills like

a metaphor


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One Four Challenge. February. Week 3

For this one, I experimented with several looks, using Nik’s Analogue Pro. I quite like this one. I did think of having a very faded look for the picture. 67 more words


Three's an Intimate Crowd

To celebrate our third year together as travel partners (the habit of calling ourselves as such fell out eventually, though, because we got tired of explaining what it means—now it’s just boyfriend-girlfriend, … 634 more words


V-day Report

Now that Valentine’s Day is well over and done, I can almost hear the collective sighs of relief from people who are (un)fortunate in their lonesome existences and from those who, not to be outclassed of course, … 225 more words


This cat wants so badly to play with the squirrel outside

All he wants to do is play! There’s no way the cat is trying to hunt the little squirrel…


90 days, Two Trash Cans, One Truck, and a Few Scrapes Later

I’ve been riding my scooter for about 90 days.

With the exception of a couple of trash cans and a parked truck, and not paying attention and letting go of the scooter, it’s been a pretty smooth transition from four wheels to two. 1,105 more words


Your back is my canvass
containing all my scratch marks
and love bites.
Your neck is mine.
Your body is mine.