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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 184: Back From the Field Trip

On Sunday afternoon I returned from the field trip that, as it turns out, I didn’t enjoy that much.
There were moments. There were very good moments and parts that were fun, but overall I have a few beefs about how it seemed to be poorly organised (telling us about things that should have been advised of at least a week before the field trip commenced due to the possible dangers of said things, among other issues) as well as what could be deemed as irresponsible behaviour from a senior authority, but that’s not something I’m going to get into because I want to discuss what I did enjoy about the field trip. 465 more words


Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the latest from Nintendo, coming only four years after the Wii U, and this time offering a concept everyone can get behind. 772 more words


How to Fix Appliance Scratches

Cover up scratches, gouges and marks on your appliance with perfectly matching, blending appliance touch up paint. Appliance touch up paint comes in a variety of colors to match your appliance’s finishes. 99 more words

Appliance Parts And News


Those impulses you can’t help, thoughts you can’t keep away and mistakes you can’t stop. That makes you wonder if you’re crazy, by definition…

It started with a small graze. 69 more words