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What does loving someone feel like?

What does loving someone feel like?

I asked myself this. Again and again. I was younger, not much younger, and I hadn’t yet felt what my heart was capable of. 1,216 more words


My Favorite Top 10 Movies of All-Time

  Please Enjoy The List

These are strictly my opinion and favorite

10) Saving Private Ryan (1998)

The only war movie on this list. I absolutely love this movie, and everyone in it. 873 more words


Six Word Challenge: Mystery

My contribution to Kris writes’ six word challenge for the prompt Mystery.


A piercing scream shatters my aloneness.



I just keep hearing her screams. Her screams flooded my ears with their piercing noise. A wonderful noise to wake up to. But she kept screaming and I kept waking up to see what she was screaming about. 1,156 more words

What the hell happened ?

Fast rides. Big rides. 

Bigger the better. Faster the better.

That was me. First one on it and I loved it. 

Flying high and fast, no fear.  615 more words

The B word: B-O-Y

Part 2 of my abusive relationship is the other boy that was involved. Before you get it into your heads, NO. These 2 stories (L-O-V-E and B-O-Y) are not based on that love triangle that I have written about. 992 more words

His screams were her sadistic pleasure.

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