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Sound design: when you can't scream, whisper

My immediate reaction was a total astonishment. “Is this possible? I mean, is this right?” My cousin had lent me his copy of “Get A Grip” by Aerosmith, and right after the first track, a clear burp was giving me a lesson on vocal experimentation. 837 more words

Sound Design

Julian Mau playing Noah Foster in season 3???

Credit to Twitter user @AUDREYJENSXN for the photos. Supposedly someone named Julian Mau will be playing Noah Foster next season. Some users claim this is fake or incorrect, we sure hope so. 8 more words


Scaring The Kids

If I can pull in to the driveway, honk my horn when locking the truck, and still walk up on my kids without them noticing then they deserve a little scare!


The Family

Winter Fun

So we finally got a decent snow! Let’s go find a good hill and have at it. Luckily, living in the mountains means you don’t have to look very hard to find a good hill.


The Family

The return of @fscreamspoilers

Twitter user @fscreamspoilers is back, under a new username (@tedtoomyjr.) He recently added us to a group chat. Honey, he is trying sooooo hard to be edgy and offensive. 20 more words



Edge of your seat folks!
More like edge of the bed
Live screaming
Live streaming tears
Talk about true horror
It’s so loud
Too loud… 255 more words


My First Couchsurfing Experience

Thursday 26th May 21:16
“Hello, hola y hallo! My name is Benji and I’d like to sleep on your sofa please…”
The evening before the first of my final three exams at university, my friend Rob had shared with me a link to a blog titled “ 754 more words