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Which Desmond Kuek Facial Expression Are You?

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On the inside, you may be letting out an endless scream. Externally, you are always smiling. You are too nice to complain when something doesn’t go your way, or when people don’t treat you kindly. 74 more words


Have you ever felt like you were the only person on earth?  Do you wonder sometimes if its possible you have become invisible? Am I that inapplicable there are no words to say to me? 268 more words

hope lives

dream in each direction

under covers – scream to the sky

wake with hope


a jar of clay..

Reconciling between the way she will deplete your feelings and how miserable you became AlFonso takes mighty courage. Yes, I heard your scream of anger; mistakenly hating your life with her. 117 more words


Shuffle Song Of The Day (4/13/18): "Scream!" By Misfits

“Scream!” is a song by punk rock legends Misfits off of their 1999 album Famous Monsters. Misfits became famous for their use of horror-themed imagery in their music, creating the punk sub genre of honor punk. 343 more words

Drunk White Kid Blogs

11 Apologies That Scream Lack of Confidence

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Sorry, but over-apologizing can be an annoying habit. The need to apologize for things that are out of your control, or don’t require an apology, sends up red flags. 764 more words

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