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Three Ways To Get Message Across (2015)

1. Scream.
2. Holler.
3. Radio.
Effective way-
To get that message
across today.



Inside there is this inner SCREAM
As the hidden pain leans against the walls of my heart
I was sinking
Clinging to an expired relationship… 83 more words


Slasher Victims and Wolf Creek 2

“Wolf Creek 2″- Horror, Thriller

Do you think horror movies can really prepare us in a real attack? Not zombies, but slasher films with psychotic people chasing and tormenting us. 599 more words


“They're coming to get you, Barbra”

The name of this post comes from George A. Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead (1968), a reminder of how awesome horror can sometimes be. 601 more words

Blog Post

Incubus Eblis by Eveline Hood

I hoped it was a dream. It started that way.

A handsome courier delivered an elegantly designed invitation to an exclusive event, requiring my answer before he would depart. 647 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Warning: Horror-movie screams ahead

I’m so angry. Forget about any philosophical opinions, today I’m just angry. I’m angry at depression. I just know that there’s a fire inside my chest and it’s going to burn me alive if I don’t do something about it. 218 more words

Story Of My Life