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Don't Scream.

The words left his mouth like words leaving the mouth of a mother cautioning her child but yet I received them as though they came from a stern army veteran. 179 more words


I have been contemplating whether or not to start a horror blog for a really long time now and so here I am… Horror has been something that I’ve been passionate about for most of my life and I love writing/talking about it so this will be my place to let it all out. 584 more words


SCREAM season 4 or SCREAM 5? 

We did a poll on Twitter recently to see if Scream fans wanted another season of SCREAM THE TV SERIES (since many sources say the 3rd may be the last season,) or SCREAM 5. 69 more words


under as scream

in a room

and its own bloom

and secure

and told on the task

and its own meaning

and it held

and forever

and use on the light… 47 more words


Don't Hang Up Review

In the age of Saw it is difficult to make a well constructed smart horror, the eight sequels have failed  adding nothing more than gore porn. 332 more words


Flamewar 2017 is finally over. 

@fscreamspoilers has changed their name to @cancerfagget or some shit and seems to have broken all ties with @scream_spoilers. The flamewar is finally over, people! Twitter is at peace.


I cannot stop listening to...

True art is timeless. This song is relevant to the world….relevant to me. It’s healing medicine.