Analogue Is Dead: The Digital Age of Music

If I was to recommend a song to you right now what would you do? I’m probably right in saying that you would just switch on your laptop or phone and login into a service such as Spotify to stream it. 437 more words

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Anonymous A Force Of Good? or A Force of Bad?

Since even the early days of the internet in the late 1980s, one of its most intriguing aspects is its potential to enact change. Whether this be political change as seen during the Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011 or social change as seen during the Marriage Referendum in Ireland during 2015 and equally the upcoming referendum dealing with the 8th Amendment. 431 more words

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FAN-ANCING. The tricks and tools employed by Zack Braff on his Kickstarter campaign for "Wish I Was Here?”

In 2013 Zack Braff launched a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $2 million to finance his new comedy film “Wish I Was Here”. The campaign was incredibly successful reaching its goal within just 3 days after going live and totalling $3,105,473 in all. 288 more words

Stereotyping of Women in the Media; are we still living in the past?

From the 1800’s up until now women have had to fight what is pushed on them. Women and girls throughout their life look at this ideal woman that men and an unjust fashion industry have placed on the cover/ screen. 416 more words

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How Marvel Changed Film Production and Distribution?

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One of the most popular companies in the entertainment sector today is Marvel comics. Marvel have over the past 10 years amassed a massive media empire, primarily based on a successful long running series of films based on over 80 years of original stories and idea. 391 more words

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Are Women Represented Equally In Film?

Today one of the most common heated topics of discussion is gender inequality and representation in all walks of life. A long running series of historical inequality and injustice, the ratio of representation between women and men has always been problematic. 389 more words

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Does social media protest really have an impact?

“Anyone who has ever observed or participated in a connective movement as it has pressed its case online knows that it does not operate in a vacuum”(Freelon et al. 85 more words

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