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Breaking my Phone Yet Again

I didn’t think that it would happen so easily but my phone slipped and fell. I could feel my heart skipping a beat when I noticed cracks on the screen when I went to go pick it up.   230 more words

Jane the Virgin: "Chapter Thirty-Three"

Never has an episode of television given me so much secondhand embarrassment. There was an episode of Degrassi: The Next Class that almost did, but it got nothing close to what “Chapter Thirty-Three” of  992 more words


#41 Introduction to screen capture with BB Flashback

At MMU we have BB Flashback installed on all of our university machines. It’s a really powerful tool for making screen recordings, but we’re just going to introduce you to it today. 42 more words


How Do I Get New Larger Screen To Fit On My Phone Screen?

Since the update, I now see the site as if it were on a large screen on a computer, making it impossible to read easily. How do I get it to fit on my phone screen the way I previously was able to? 7 more words

Bring Splendid Looks With Office Screen Partitions

Offices can be a noisy place when you have numerous people on calls, so with the help of office screen partitions, you can reduce the noise and give your employees a soothing and comfortable place.