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Everything you need to know about the in-flight laptop ban, from what it is to why Canada is considering it

Why are they doing it?

U.S. officials said the decision was prompted by “evaluated intelligence” about potential threats to airplanes bound for the United States. The officials would not discuss the timing of the intelligence or if any particular terror group was thought to be planning an attack.

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English Studio

Women in the Director's Chair

I disappeared for a week! Sorry about that. It was an impromptu break, and completely unintentional. All that really happened was I had a lot of work to do and not a great deal of time to do it – I was also really tired last week so it was all just a bit stressful. 370 more words


How Do I Write...

Who’s old fashioned like me and really likes writing with a pen(cil) and paper? Just me? That’s okay. I know you kids today rely on technology like there’s no tomorrow. 463 more words


5. How the role of the Amateur/Individual can challenge Screen Media?

Like notice Henry Jenkins in his TED Talk, people are more and more how to become participants int their society. It’s mean that they are deeply involved in making actions, good action especially. 396 more words


A tour of iOS 10.3: Checking out APFS, the Settings app, and other tweaks

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Apple has just released iOS 10.3 to the general public, an update which is likely to be the last major release of iOS 10; at this point in the year, work usually begins in earnest on the next major release of iOS, which will be revealed at WWDC in June. 1,062 more words


How to Use Theater Mode on the Apple Watch in watchOS 3.2

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It’s useful in situations where the bright screen can be a distraction, such as a movie or a play, and it’s also useful for those who like to sleep with their Apple Watches. 482 more words