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The Man Who Would be Gatsby

This is the first screenplay I’ve attempted to write. I got the idea from watching PBS’s “Prohibition” and was fascinated by George Remus’s story. When I found out that F. 40 more words


"Heartbeat" screenplay shortlisted.

“I am delighted to be able to tell you, Denise, that you have been shortlisted for the Euroscript Screen Story Competition 2015.”

This is good news and the winning event is in London in about four weeks. 13 more words

Writing And Reflections.

Getting My Nose Back To The Grindstone

So after a days well deserved rest I was back hard at it yesterday, getting on with my projects and doing some work at my mothers and one of her neighbours houses. 925 more words

Weight Loss

Focus KISS: Barri Evins on Story Simplicity

There’s a wealth of screenwriting advice on the Internerd. Too much, if anything. Every once in a while, something gets posted that’s really important and very well put. 111 more words


back to you

The lovers were lying down beside each other, completely camouflaged in the dirty snow, just having their usual soft and melodramatic conversation. Jesse felt the first drop of snowflake on the tip of his nose, igniting those memories they had of one another, from the first time they spent Christmas together, to making snow angels at the age of 16, until now, engaged for the second time, but now sure they are going to spend the rest of their lives with one another. 239 more words

Writing PLOT for your Story and Screenplay


How to Write a Screenplay? PART 3 – PLOT Screenwriting

For most writers, PLOT is the most interesting part of screenplay writing, and why they begin to write to write the script in the first place. 1,019 more words

Filmmaking Notes

Serious business

So starts the serious writing prep, 10 pages of character info to fill in for each character.

The work I’m going to be doing is a little more serious so I’ll need to know the characters inside and out. 39 more words