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Focus KISS: Barri Evins on Story Simplicity

There’s a wealth of screenwriting advice on the Internerd. Too much, if anything. Every once in a while, something gets posted that’s really important and very well put. 111 more words


Writing PLOT for your Story and Screenplay


How to Write a Screenplay? PART 3 – PLOT Screenwriting

For most writers, PLOT is the most interesting part of screenplay writing, and why they begin to write to write the script in the first place. 1,019 more words

Filmmaking Notes

Serious business

So starts the serious writing prep, 10 pages of character info to fill in for each character.

The work I’m going to be doing is a little more serious so I’ll need to know the characters inside and out. 39 more words


The Coma Weight Loss Program

YEAR 2035

The weight loss industry revenue hit $25 Billion in 2015 with over 110 million people struggling to loose weight. It was always thought scientists would eventually invent the Magic Weight Loss Pill, but it never became reality. 1,250 more words

Film House Germany Nabs Hot Spec Script 'Command & Control' From Byron Willinger & Phil De Blasi - Cannes

EXCLUSIVE: Film House Germany’s Summerstorm Entertainment and Vandal Entertainment have acquired Byron Willinger & Phil De Blasi’s hot spec screenplay Command & Control. Vandal Entertainment’s Navid McIlhargey is producing alongside Film House Germany and Summerstorm Entertainment’s CEO Gabriela Bacher. 195 more words

Breaking News

Writers Flow - Music For Writing: released today!

You know that moment: you’re getting ready to write, drifting into your flow, when a song comes up on shuffle and completely distracts you? I hate that. 291 more words


CEM 21 No. 803 2014, Writing

Some time ago a friend, an aspiring screenwriter, brought a Social Media site to my attention. It was billed as being a site like Linkedin.com, but for people of a more creative nature. 381 more words