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For audience members to care about the movie being presented to them there must be an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION between them and the protagonist.

There are several techniques for writing a protagonist that will make the audience form that connection. 343 more words


COVERSCRIPT TIPS - Setups and Payoffs

When you set something up in a story the audience has the expectation that it will be paid off later on in the story.

A setup without a payoff will tick off an audience. 270 more words


Small is Hard

I’ve been working on a caper screenplay and I never thought I’d say this: the screenplay is kicking my ass.

I’m usually big and detailed with description and that’s one thing you can’t be in this format. 44 more words

Writing Stuff

COVERSCRIPT TIPS - Screenplay writing style

Screenplay writing style is all about economic simplicity.

That does not mean that it’s simple to do.

It just means the writing style itself is simple — as in clean, unfussy, uncluttered, minimalistic. 163 more words



…Questions to ask and answer about them.

1) Does your story have a viable major through-line around which the majority of your scenes revolves, or are your scenes “stuff just happening?” 198 more words


COVERSCRIPT TIPS – The Audience Has Left the Building-Part Two

Exactly when was that?

Part one gave you one reason why and when an audience leaves the theater.

Here’s another.

An important aspect of relating a screen story is something called “willing suspension of disbelief.” 232 more words


moving pictures

My mother loved movies. So, so much.  It was ridiculous.  Her favorites were those woman in trouble movies that dramatized news stories “ripped from the headlines.” She also loved a Western. 356 more words