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COVERSCRIPT TIPS - The First Ten Pages

In these early ten pages of the screenplay, which equals the first ten minutes of the movie, the audience must be introduced to, and made to empathize with, or connect to, or identify with, the protagonist in some way. 224 more words


Yes, I'm the Secret Disciple Guy, or: How I Thought I Had "Made It" in Hollywood

You’re the Secret Disciple guy?” My friend said as he nearly screeched to a halt in the middle of the 405 South while traffic was actually moving (and, if you’re not from Los Angeles, let me tell you, that would be a big mistake). 947 more words


The Man Whose Name Was Demon (Screenplay)

For a media assignment, I decided to adapt my short story The Man Whose Name Was Demon into a screenplay. Click on the link below to download. 8 more words


SBG Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Straightened by Gunfire podcast, where hosts Ryan and Shawn introduce themselves, explain the Commodore stageplay project, and discuss hurdles and strategies anticipated in the course of the project. 16 more words


Welcome to Straightened by Gunfire!

The SBG Podcast begins here! Ryan Pierson and Shawn Saavedra have embarked on a journey to convert Jeremy K. Clayton’s Commodore screenplay into a stageplay to be performed in the Phoenix area. 29 more words


COVERSCRIPT TIPS - Food for Thought

If you’re serious about getting others interested in buying and producing your screenplay, then before sitting down to write one there are some questions you might want to first consider. 155 more words



If a character states out loud what is directly on his/her mind, or states directly what he/she is feeling, the dialogue is on the nose. 313 more words