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The last two weeks were productive. Really productive. As in I look back and wonder if I slipped an extra day in there somewhere, because whoa, stuff got done. 561 more words

Withering Update

My novella, Withering, has finally made it into the hands of a screenwriter. The reply?

Your story is a brilliant display of imagery and emotion entwined.

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Author Notes

"Head in the Clouds" - an Original Screenplay

Recently, I made a short film called “Head in the Clouds” and entered the screenplay in an arts competition. Here it is: (Oh, and I know that it’s like all pushed to the left and is definitely improperly formatted, but there’s only so many options in Microsoft Word 2007). 13 more words


Differences Between Writing Movies and TV

Writing for television means following a prescribed format, whether it’s a sitcom, a one-hour drama, or a reality show. There are true act breaks to allow for commercials, a limited number of recurring characters and sets, and an overall mandate about what kinds of stories can happen. 1,108 more words

Creative Writing

for so long

I wanted to change things up. Reading the works of so many inspiring writers I have penned this.

Criticisms please.

Ladies, be gentle. This was my first time….. 75 more words


See the Movie, Read the Book

I do a lot of reading. I always did. Sometimes I go through a book in a day. Sometimes I’ll wait for the movie. Most times I’ll do both. 456 more words


"There's a lot of weeping as well." Emma Thompson Drops the Screenwriting Wisdom

Today, I set a personal goal to finish the first draft of my screenplay by December 31, 2015, and not making a resolution on the 1st of the year that I will—based on my track history—fail to keep (“I resolve to be more optimistic,” for example). 387 more words

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