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Just Have to Ax You Something...

Redflare seems to have discovered a way to make it look like you’re swinging your weapon in combat: start fishing!

A great tip for anybody who might be wanting to make a video in game… or to just Ax their significant other a question…


World Of Warcraft

Strikeforce Screenshots 1

I’m getting some great feedback for this video, so here’s a handful of images you may have missed on first viewing. Amongst the selection I’ve posted are a few of the action glimpses, and the design elements which came together really well. 347 more words


Trollshaws: Revisited

Recently my characters have made it to the Trollshaws, And as usual the region is gorgeous with it’s perma-fall foliage. and the weather has been beautiful the past few days. 255 more words


Spring Vacation Spotlight: The Shire

It’s spring! The snow’s melted! The ground is thawing and the world turns greener and warmer every day. Spring is starting to come in full swing! 157 more words


Screenshots from Draenor

Draenor is a beautiful place with many different zones which all have something unique you want to capture a picture of either it be the fall colored trees in Talador, windswept and snow-covered fields in Frostfire Ridge, the galactic sky in Shadowmoon Valley or the moons which are visible in every zone. 23 more words


A Night In DIllund

As I was playing through with my Elven hunter I wanted to grab some pictures of Dillund at one of the nicest times of the day. 138 more words