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Rune Satchel Notes: Into Ancient Lands pt. 2

January 13th TA 3018

A great amount has transpired since my last entry. I first connected with The elves at Echad Dunnan. It was here that I was surprised to see that there were dwarves active in the area. 400 more words


Region Spotlight: The Lone Lands

Once the Anchient Kingdom of Arnor had fallen, it was divided into three states of the Dunedain of the North. Because of a disagreement of the three brothers of King EƤrendur. 383 more words


Region Spotlight: The Barrow Downs

There are many stories and folktales of the Borrow Downs of Breeland. The men of the nearby town tell stories of princes and kings and monsters that hunt at night. 249 more words


Rune Satchel Notes: Misty Mountain Saga Pt. 2

November 17, TA 3017

After resting and conversing with other scholars in Imladris, I set out to return to the mountain camp of Lord Gloin. This would be our base of operations, a small camp with but a few dwarves who watched the mouth of the caves and would send reports to the valley. 962 more words



When you Need to Ride: To Camelot! yes, this post is a long time coming. Something I’ve wanted to share for a while. I’ve finally sat down and done it! 159 more words


Friday Flashback #264

Softimage|XSI Advanced 3.5 screenshot: Symmetrize

Friday Flashback

Some inspiration arrives...

Whilst browsing around the interwebs earlier I cam across something rather intriguing, and rather appropriate to our little quest here.

“Dead End Thrills celebrates the talent of videogame artists and engineers via the hobby of taking screenshots.” 133 more words