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Coin-purse Clippings

I’m done with the Rangers of Annuminas and their struggle. I’ve done enough, and happened to come across a few nice trinkets and treasures, that the folk of Bree were already excited and more than interested in buying from me. 386 more words


Brief update...

Still working on the website and it should be up by August 1st as well as an updated forum.

The new improved character system is almost done and combat is coming along nicely.  137 more words

Legends Of Aryiure

Still working...

Sorry I didn’t get the update up yet. I have had a computer issue that has to be addressed before I lose data. Everything is backed up but I don’t want to spend my weekend dealing with a failed disk so doing some diagnostics on the hard drives.   107 more words


East Rohan

When the Eastfold went live I really got excited, there was more of the iconic Rohan that we picture in the books and watch in the movies. 457 more words


West Rohan

Although I was really excited for the release of Rohan nearly two years ago, but it felt that although I ventured further into the new land and discovered the new game mechanics like mounted combat i fell less and less in love with the new region. 439 more words


Binary Star Backgrounds

One of the most impressive things about this game was the art. If only I could decorate my house like this!

Game Related

The Beauty of Isenguard

Who knew? Honestly, it took me two runs through this instance for me to nap screens of how awesome Isenguard looked before the fall. Lush gardens, no doubt credit belongs to Treebeard’s influence as he and Saruman conversed occasionally, and pristine grounds. 50 more words