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Spoiler Screenshots from Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapter 1

The Dark Sisterhood

Torion and his commrades

Fighting for Voss

Piloting a Walker

Character Sheet

A Mother’s Sacrifice

Theron’s Sly Smile

Horizon Guard

Empress of the Sith

Who is Really in Charge?


Whispers and Shadows

Will the darkness fall upon me
When the air is growing thin
Will the light begin to pull me
To its everlasting will

Screenshots of Dromund Kaas from Star Wars: The Old Republic ~ Lyrics from the song  6 more words

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Young Justice Legacy

While the Batman Arkham games are for everyone, even people who don’t care about Batman, YJL is kind of the opposite. There aren’t any solid reasons for anyone to play this, if they aren’t also into the show. 884 more words


How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Custom Font (with pictures)

This seems to be one of those things, y’know? One of those things that begins as a fleeting idea in your mind, and then you Google it to see if it’s really possible. 1,234 more words

How To

Twi'lek Tuesday: An uninvited guest, part II

Part #1: link

When the subject woke up its uncontrolled wailing relentlessly tore through the silence that Serene cherished so highly. Not to mention all the tedious questions it asked. 550 more words


Movies that didn’t suck (42)

I feel like I’m ruining peoples chances to enjoy this movie the way I did by saying that, because I myself saw it without expecting anything, but… 209 more words