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Andrew Klavan Interview

Screenwriter Andrew Klavan talks about his views on being a conservative in Hollywood.

Short Break

In grudging acknowledgment of time and energy’s inexorable finiteness, I concede: okay, okay—fine.  Attention and effort must be focused elsewhere for a while, and Punctuated Equilibria… 260 more words

Hypothetically – a short film


This week I watched a short film called Hypothetically, written and directed by Isaac Ravishankara. I liked it so much I watched it three times, not including the times I backed up to watch something again. 377 more words


The Way I See It

Finally back from an utterly pointless trip to Nashville. But hey, if they wanna pay me to drive 8 hours plus mileage, I guess it was worth it. 477 more words



We’re getting ready to show Lez Bomb at festivals.

Holy sh*t, people are going to finally see this thing. 

And with that, fear creeps in. At lighting speed. 171 more words


The Sacred, Despicable "Rules"

There’s a ton of debate out there about whether there are any “rules” to screenwriting, and if so, what they are. Here’s my two cents: 883 more words

What New Screenwriters Don’t Realize About Their First Script by Daniel Calvisi

Film Courage: So you have a mantra on your site which is Actfourscreenplays.com. And the mantra is ‘Craft Equals Business, Which Means Focus on Your Craft and Foremost and the Commercial Success Will Follow.” I was wondering if you can expand on that? 182 more words