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Just a quick thanks to this community.

Hey guys,

A quick sentimental rant, if you'll bear with me:

I just graduated from USC's MFA Film program, which means I've been pretty much going through an existential spiral the last six months, worrying about what to do post-graduation, specifically when it comes to the notion of wanting to be a "writer." I decided that I would challenge myself and try to complete a few scripts leading up to graduation, specifically with Nichol and Austin Film Festival in mind, and I'm happy to say I made both deadlines thanks to daily encouragement from this community! 72 more words


Highland 2

I’ve been using Highland 2 for the last week or so and have moved both my current projects into it, alongside a studio re-write that I’ve ported in from Fade In. 467 more words


Scenes and Actions Part 2 - Creating Characters Through Actions

After speaking on the importance and difference in settings and scenes in crafting a screenplay, I’ll speak on the importance of creating your characters through actions. 460 more words


The Godfather: Storytelling is Manipulation

I watched The Godfather again the other day. I believe it was only my second time all the way through, though I’ve seen bits and pieces of it over the years. 630 more words


A Strange and Mildly (Very) Frustrating Day – TRUE STORY

Thursday, 17th May, 2018.

Woke up, checked my phone. Started the day nicely with a rejection email to a job interview. No one likes rejections, but luckily, I wasn’t sure it was for me anyway, so not too bad. 1,071 more words

The Whole Jolly Lot!

Making a Short Film: Best Practices in Post Production

It is not uncommon to hear narratives from filmmakers who shared their struggle in putting together the film once the movie wrapped. When starting out, it is easy to forget that production has three main phases. 555 more words