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9 days left to register for max classes

Yes, those classes are taught by yours truly. They are online accelerated master screenwriting classes. For more info, hit :::THE AFW:::


How Christopher Nolan Broke My Heart and Punched My Brain

“There’s a new name for fatuous, unforgivably ignorant, misguided and arrogant film making: Interstellar. Never has my intelligence been more acutely insulted. Christopher Nolan continues the tradition of schlock he began with Inception and carried through The Dark Night Rises. 1,686 more words


Kevin Smith on Writers

Great twitter monologue on writing from writer/filmmaker Kevin Smith at Script Magazine:

“Writing is the closest any man or woman will ever come to playing God (or A god). 352 more words


The Big Picture on Small Talk

In the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at UCLA, I took a screenwriting class. I was too immature for the course but also too immature to recognize that. 554 more words

Carrie Bradshaw

Screenplay 'Internal Trumpet'

I’m in the process of using Plotblot.com to help write my first attempt at a screenplay.

If you would to follow my progress, add to the story or comment you can at… 7 more words


What's in a Draft, Anyway?

With the submission of my writing program application now behind me, thoughts turn once again to my soon-to-be supreme masterpiece, CHIMPANZEVIL!!!

As a writer part of getting better is learning your rhythms, your pace, you flaws, your strengths….and all to the purpose of knowing whether you’re fucking up or not. 618 more words