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MDA3400: Challenging my page count

When I decided to embark upon the journey of writing a 30 page screenplay I had no idea it would be so challenging. Of course I wanted a challenge, I think that is the only way to develop and define a skill, but going from 10 pages to 30 is a big jump. 369 more words

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Using reported speech to avoid writing boring dialogue (tip 34)

Unless you’re a certain type of Californian, the question ‘How are you?’ isn’t designed to solicit and in-depth answer. Rather, like much of our spoken communication, it’s designed to merely perform some social task – it’s an example of what linguists call a ‘phatic expression.’ Other conversations are mundane, and the information they contain is only important to the participants – it may matter to Jack what time Jill will get home from the dentist, but it’s not a conversation that would entertain an eavesdropper. 514 more words

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Writers Block with GIFS.

A simple thing I think all writers no matter what type or genre. We can all agree writers block is the equivalent of watching the Joel Schumacher’s Batman’s for all eternity… Hell and torture and just the sound of it makes us cringe. 253 more words

The Monomyth Isn't Everything (Stakes Are)

Yesterday, I was talking about Star Wars and how it’s become part of our pop cultural folklore through the power its mythic storytelling. And immediately after posting that, I came across a review on The AV Club for the New Zealand pre-colonial action film… 1,019 more words


Where I'm at...Existentially

When I was 17, I viewed Robert Rodriguez’ Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico which are not classics by any stretch of the means but they had a profound effect on me. 473 more words


I Wrote an Article!

Ta daaaaa! Below is a link to a short piece for LA-Screenwriter: 42 more words