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Is it possible to hone your intuition? And should you even try?

I've been on a movie binge recently and so watched The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, despite not really liking any of the trilogy when they first came out, in order to try to identify what people liked about them. 738 more words


How An Artist Can Find Their Tribe by Markus Redmond

Film Courage:

You said something a moment ago…”find your tribe.” As someone who may have felt like an outsider (and I only say this because I’ve felt like one my entire life), how do you find your tribe? 526 more words


Greta Gerwig on Directing Actors in ‘Lady Bird’

”With the actors I’d always say don’t play the comedy, play it truthful and it will be funny.”
Writer/Director Greta Gerwig
The Deadline Podcast

P.S. This quote reminds me of one that Tina Fey said of one of the father’s of modern improv: 74 more words


The script Prussian Blue Hue was originally created by Director Sophie May and friend Claire August while on a term abroad at FAMU Film School in Prague, CZ. 32 more words


Why does Max Landis keep getting work?

Prepare for a bit of a rant.

I just saw Bright and saw it was written by Max Landis, and it feels like it. By that I mean the main characters were unlikeable but feel like they were meant to be likeable, it's so heavy handed about every topic they cover, and it's all tell and no show. 92 more words