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Charting the story

An interesting article from ScreenplayHowTo.com that charts the story map of Alien, as well as the story engines that drive the plot.

I never get tired of reading analyses of this movie.

Learning How to Make a Movie

I read an interview some years ago in which James Cameron advised creatives to do this: “Make stuff.” Per Cameron, actually making movies is the single best way to learn, really… 156 more words

A Screenwriter's Technical Execution Checklist

The final checklist in this series from Wordplayer.com  looks at the technical aspect of screenwriting aka format.  For those new to the craft or just unfamiliar, screenplays have a particular format that doesn’t resemble other writing. 733 more words


Screenwriting News (April 25-April 31, 2016)

This week’s writing deals and movie project news.

Adam Cooper and Bill Collage adapting World War II novel “The Noble Assassin” for DreamWorks with Cary Fukunaga to direct. 184 more words

A Story Idea Each Day for a Month (2016)

An annual series I run every April: 30 story ideas I collect from news sources over the course of the year. These ideas are free for you to use, but more importantly, the series is a reminder about how important the story’s central concept is to the success of an original screenplay. 361 more words

Disney's The Jungle Book Movie Review 

Disney’s The Jungle Book is a live action adaption of the original 1967 animated film. Which is held as a beloved classic. In an age where reboots and remakes dominate, it would be all too easy for Disney to fall into the trap of creating an overly bloated movie. 1,215 more words


Interview (Audio): Judd Apatow

A 100 minute Nerdist podcast chat with writer-director Judd Apatow (The Larry Sanders Show, Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin).


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