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Is Cork A Good Idea?

What does the public really think of cork closures? The answer is overwhelming, at least as far as this Nielson Company report states.

First, it should be noted this information is supplied by a… 217 more words


Does it Matter . . . Closures . . .

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of the screw cap. Let me say at the beginning here that I do NOT believe it is the ‘perfect’ closure as I do NOT believe that there is such a thing. 549 more words


The Screw Cap Trend in Wine Bottles

A sales consultant with Southern Wine and Spirits in Philadelphia, Michael Betman sells extensively to on- and off-premise retailers. Michael Betman has also hosted numerous staff trainings, wine tastings, and dinner events, requiring deep knowledge of current trends in the wine industry. 185 more words

Michael Betman

Cork Versus Screw Cap

The magic of wine and how it’s stored is obviously up for debate. Certainly when it comes to storing wine in a receptacle, there are multiple ways to do it, not the least of which is using oak wine barrels for aging. 655 more words


A Short On Cork

Some comments pop up every once in awhile about how cork should be replaced with screw caps or some other receptacle topping container. The argument typically goes to the fact that cork (quercus suber) comes from trees and is not necessarily a renewable product. 116 more words


Cork or Screw Cap For Your Wine Bottle?

If you are a wine lover, you might have noticed an increase of screw cap closures for your wine bottle in the shops. The reason for this shift from cork to metal is that an increased amount of wine is being contaminated by cork taint, leaving the wine tasting musty and dull. 516 more words

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