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As a nation we put a lot of stress on “Tehzeeb”. Being polite gets us in all kinds of trouble. I have seen many of my friends suffer in a bad job, because just when they were about to quit their boss asked them to stay, politely. 172 more words

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Seriously, who needs this crap?


Screw it!

The Wine Industry is slowly…slowly giving up on cork. Study after study is proving that screw- caps are a better option than traditional cork for preserving the integrity of wine.   264 more words

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Screw It

My whole I’ve done what everyone else has wanted. I’ve always though about everyone else. I’m sick of it. I’m tired. It’s my turn.

I’m going to get myself together and do what I want to do. 42 more words

here’s to hoping gorillaz won’t leave us hanging

here’s to hoping gorillaz won’t leave us hanging

Screw It!

(photo by The Thrifty Vineyard)

This post brought to you by Screw It! Shiraz. Well, just kidding, although I do have a glass beside me. 253 more words