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Screw It!

Today I went to a girl’s empowerment summit, the first of its kind in my city. I genuinely had no idea what to expect, and only bought the ticket last night at 9pm. 239 more words


A Quick and Dirty Review of Netflix's "Bright"

I happened to check out the new Netflix movie Bright today, and was pleasantly surprised! An Urban Fantasy buddy cop flick about a human/orc cop duo in an alternate LA, it was a solid, if flawed series with great characters and potential for a kickass sequel. 722 more words

Statistically speaking, just say screw it

Sometimes we act like ugly phone cases: we want protection from anything that can hurt what we care about. In some cases, what we care about might be ourselves. 338 more words



This week I unknowingly upset my body’s equilibrium and the resulting adrenaline-fueled insomnia has made for a brutal week. Unfortunately, returning to homeostasis is not as simple as resuming my previous habits. 96 more words