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What to do when everything leads to a no?

You’ve been there before; the place where you feel that everything is a big N-O for a massive NO.  It’s that point where you feel that nothing else can go wrong.  864 more words

This is why I hate women.....

Gotta love her last laughter in the scene, it is called
” reality tv ” so is reality!!! At least I have fun watching this thing… 14 more words



Everyday we wake up we make a decision, every second in our lives we need to make a choice— every now and then we are put in a situation where we need to make a tough call, where our doubts and fears are put to the test— like deciding to jump out of an airplane for a skydive “will I jump or will I back out?” then there goes that impulsive voice in your head, “SCREW IT!” 290 more words


The Bare Truth Behind Richard Branson's 'Screw it, let's do it' Catchphrase

You have probably heard of the billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson. You know, the left-off-centre entrepreneur who embraces controversy and makes daring an easy concept and way of life. 708 more words

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When it's raining crap, go overboard!

There is a scene at the end, when King Ezekiel explains his kingdom to Carol, “I found a way to deal with the bad, by going a little bit overboard with the good.” 438 more words

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