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Superficially Screwed Up

Somehow my entry into today’s one-word prompt yields this result when you click on it:

So, if you want to read the original post, click here.


Screwing Up Menial Tasks

As a fan of IGN, I chose to sign up for email notifications from them. I did this because I enjoy keeping up on what’s current in the industry. 133 more words

Little Mistakes Can Mean A Lot

Cheezburger.com posted a list of 21 seemingly minor mess ups that led to huge problems. For instance, the Bay of Pigs invasion may have failed due to ignoring time zones.

Read explanations of all 21 HERE.

Screwing Up

Well, I think I may have screwed up a good thing by saying something so transparent.

I’m usually decent at keeping things under control, but it was like …. 45 more words

A Comfortable PAST = A Dim Future...

I have to be honest with you; I’m a failure at leaving the PAST alone. For some reason and I’ll explain why shortly, I always find myself going backwards instead of forwards. 1,289 more words

Mind Matters

How To Trust Yourself When You've Screwed Up In The Past

How do you trust yourself when you’ve screwed up in the past? You’ve entered into the wrong relationships, accepted the wrong job, missed out on an opportunity you now regret or whatever the case may be. 813 more words

Sony, what the f...?

I had been planning on upgrading my old Playstation 3 for a while now. I was really keen on getting the Xbox One X (Scorpio) myself but it will be a while before it comes out and my daughter was really keen on getting a Playstation 4. 644 more words