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I Screw Up A Lot

What have I learned in six years of fatherhood?  That a good portion of parenting appears to consist of screwing up, doing your best to make sure your kids don’t see you screwing up, and praying that you do better the next time you think you’re about to screw up. 1,047 more words


Screw-up #3

“Aye Ajnabi Tu Bhi Kabhi Aawaaz De Kahin Se
Main Yahan Tukdon Mein Jee Raha Hoon
Tu Kahin Tukdon Mein Jee Rahi Hein”

It was Valentine Day of 2017, but for people like me it was just another day of year – same schedule, same routine, same melancholy. 4,089 more words


Screw-up #2

(Have you read Screw-up #1 yet? No? Then, I’ll advise you to go and read that first).

I was back (somewhat revived, somewhat re-energized, somewhat reloaded, somewhat relieved) to the Ahmedabad city after spending exactly fourteen days with my parents and to be honest that trip really helped me at some extent (yeah, only at some extent!) to divert my mind from how miserable (or disappointed?) life I was leading. 4,626 more words



While in Hamburg, I decided to shoot some good old old-fashioned film. The first roll of 24 went smoothly. But that’s when I screwed up big time. 203 more words

RHF Analogica

Screw-up #1

It was third day of 2018, and I got a notification saying “You got a new match! ”. It was then I knew 2018 was my year… (to screw up).

4,365 more words

Screw Up

Okay, so I lost 13 pounds in three weeks then proceeded to gain 1 pound back.

Apparently you can’t binge drink beer on a pub crawl and expect to lose weight. 152 more words


a true story about screwing up and having to un screw up

One time I literally spaced to the 10th degree and confused Monday the 22nd with Monday the 29th and literally didn’t show up to my first day at a new job and realized almost a week later when I was supposed to be working for a week already. 125 more words