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Way to Screw Up, Reebok: Ripley's Shoes Men Sizes

Alien Day, as in 4/26 for LV-426, was a day of otherwise celebration for the Alien franchise. News hit about the upcoming Alien 5 film heading to theaters soon. 419 more words


blindside and a major idol screw up on survivor scott sent packing and he took an idol with him.

and what has match last tribals blindside but this time will also have major repurcussions. since not only when the guys team had a chance to play the super idol after winning immunity . 65 more words


Republicans ponder how blatantly to change their own rules to screw Trump

A rule Republicans created in 2012 to protect their establishment candidate from an outsider is shaping up in 2016 as a benefit for Donald Trump, a candidate the establishment loathes. 70 more words



Through all the flannel graph retellings and VBS skits and heart-wrenching life stories of the selfish prodigal son, I envisioned God having mercy on me. Isn’t that what the story is about? 596 more words



>now playing:Golden Days by Panic! At The Disco

I honestly suck at these.

I had a friend, she’s still my friend but what I mean is she was my best friend for nine years! 410 more words


Hey you! I played you!

Hey stranger! Remember me?
Me who broke your heart..

Tot te văd
cum mergi mai departe.
Doi pași înainte
și un salt înapoi în trecut. 81 more words