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1/6: TIL

TIL I need to do a lot more research on responding to classified ads for writing gigs.

TIL to google my own email address because what comes up is a surprise. 35 more words


Was It Me, Or No?

Sometimes when a friend or acquaintance does not respond to your efforts to reach out and communicate it makes you wonder if it was something you did or said to offend. 68 more words

Tony's Posts

The End Is Near, Part 7: Governments Become (Really Bad) Money Managers, Screw Up Markets

From DollarCollapse.com, by John Rubino

2015 was a year Brazil would like to forget. Its economy crashed, its political class was decapitated by a corruption scandal, a huge iron mine dumped toxic waste onto a bunch of villages — and the sludge is now seeping into the ocean. 602 more words


Daily stories: Work screw-ups

Do you ever just do something on your own accord without properly getting a confirmation from your boss because you’re in a hurry and pressured either by the time or other co-workers of yours? 410 more words


Screw Up

I literally screwed up, I said things I shouldn’t have and now my friends are all against me. I’m alone and so so unhappy. I don’t know what to do. 54 more words

VMO 2016 #1 Conspiracy to cover up human trafficking

Disclaimer: This is going to be a quasi-organized campaign that I will attempt to do in a chronological order from 2009- present day. However, this is a work in progress and it never fails to surprise me the things this administration has done over the years. 1,070 more words

Sheriff David Morgan

Stuffing Up

One of the wisest things my mother ever told me was that if you make a mistake at work and are able to fix it, don’t tell anyone about it. 292 more words