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How To Trust Yourself When You've Screwed Up In The Past

How do you trust yourself when you’ve screwed up in the past? You’ve entered into the wrong relationships, accepted the wrong job, missed out on an opportunity you now regret or whatever the case may be. 813 more words

Sony, what the f...?

I had been planning on upgrading my old Playstation 3 for a while now. I was really keen on getting the Xbox One X (Scorpio) myself but it will be a while before it comes out and my daughter was really keen on getting a Playstation 4. 644 more words


For Some Reason, I Refuse To Grow Up

Hey. Today I screwed up. I was supposed to be babysitting my neighbors’ son, and I fell asleep. I’m supposed to be eighteen, and I can’t even force myself to stay awake to babysit a freaking nine-year-old. 397 more words

I'm Fluent in Potty Mouth

I curse. I curse a lot.

I curse like a sailor, like a truck driver, like Tony Soprano – pick your analogy.

I could blame my years in the military, but that wouldn’t be fair. 584 more words


Mid sem K.O :(

German level 2

Prinsip Perakaunan

Makroekonomi 2

Subjects that had Mid Semester exam

I screwed up :(

Esp account

30 minutes before exam

I realised that I did not study one topic… 47 more words